Should we make another trial run to Mexico?
Apr 30th, 2009 by David

The question was:  ‘Should we make another few trips to Mexico looking for places to move to?’ Originally we had planned to make 2-3 trips, looking for possible final destinations. But that 1st trip to Guadalajara/Lake Chapapa cost over $1000. Could we use the $2000 2 more trips would cost a little more effectively? Say go ahead and move to Lake Chapala, then check out other places in Mexico from there? Then this ‘Swine Flu’ epidemic broke out just as we were leaving Guadalajara (with a plane full of folks wearing masks). Maybe we won’t make any more trips for a while.

Photos of Historical Guadalajara
Apr 29th, 2009 by David

Don’t forget to check out our gallery of photographs of Historical Guadalajara by clicking on this picture of the Cathedral Dome. You can also find it by clicking on the link in the blogroll on the left.

Photos of Historical Guadalajara

Photos of Historical Guadalajara

Apr 29th, 2009 by David

David is a brave soul though, after driving in Guadalajara I sincerely question his sanity.  The word chaotic does not even begin to describe the pandemonium that ensues as you venture into the unknown traffic patterns of the city and surrounding environs.  The person in front has the right of way (at least the person who is driving the vehicle has the right of way – pedestrians are another matter all together).  One of my co-workers who spent several summers in Guadalajara made a comment, in passing, “the city is beautiful and you will fall in love with it – just don’t try to cross the street”.  Not only did we not heed her warning, we crossed the street walking – with only one fall on record which we will not address in this narrative and we ventured out driving.  At one point, as David was driving through one of the residential areas and he was actually – believe it or not – beginning to get the hang of driving without boundaries – he dead panned the following comment as we pulled up behind someone who didn’t seem to know where they were going (a familiar happening) “I’m feeling compelled to honk” (honking is something you hear often – not that it does any good).  As I looked at him, he has this wonderful smile on his face and I realized, to my astonishment, he was enjoying this adventure!  Got to love the man!!



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