Jul 12th, 2009 by Les

It is often hard to focus on what needs to be done because life keeps interfering. I’ve just found out I may have to travel to New York for a few days visiting Common Ground and the Times Square Hotel – both innovative affordable housing complexes that are actually working in a busy metropolis. With the opening of the CityWalk@Akard ( project in downtown Dallas – where I am managing everything from various aspects of construction to interviewing and hiring the caseworkers who will work directly with the residents, I find myself struggling to focus on the move to Mexico.

I went out and purchased a notebook – a throw back from my days of charting for the patients I saw on a weekly basis. I figure, if I write down all of the things I MUST do prior to our move in October, I might actually do them. However, as I wrote things out that needed to be done (including a “check off” column) I kept thinking of more things…besides those I’ve already mentioned – does our car insurance work in Mexico? If not, how do I find a reputable provider? Health insurance – were to begin. I had wanted to take Spanish lessons (the two years I had in high school are not coming back) prior to leaving but have shelved that until I get there. I work with people every day who do not speak English and realize how important it is to speak the language of the country you reside in or spend time in – yet I am doing exactly what I shouldn’t do – putting that aside for now.

How do others deal with this? If anyone has some suggestions – I’m open to comments!!

Viva Mexico!!

Where are we going to move?
Jul 5th, 2009 by Les

We are trying to ascertain which of the many, many beautiful areas of Mexico will work for us. Yes, we know we can move on, as we’ve noticed a lot of the people we’ve read books about or tapped via the Internet, have done.

Some, like us, seemed to think of this as a sojourn leading to the next possibility. As we’ve, or perhaps I’ve, mentioned often this is an adventure rift with possibilities, excitement, errors, and successes. As I age, errors are not tantamount to failure as I often felt as I traversed the rocky road of career and family.

Now, quite frankly, I’m completely open to the mistakes that make us human and the spirit that gives us the ability to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again.

We’ve considered the Yucatan in the southeastern region of Mexico – which hold interest because of the Mayan influences, Spanish Conquistadors, etc.

We’ve considered the Lake Chapala, Guadalajara area, as we fell in love with the City of Guadalajara, its people, its ancient beauty and culture.

Mazatlan in the Mexican State of Sinaloa just across from the southern most tip of the Baha California peninsula. Beauty, a large population, history await.

And the list goes on….we are taking into consideration various medical concerns, the things we both “need” in the sense of culture, interaction, peace and solitude. Certainly David’s talent in photography- both artistic and commercial – is a life work which he will carry with him. My need to get back to writing finding food for thought and places to nurture both of our creativity.

Where will he go when he visits again in August? We haven’t quite decided. Catch us on any given day and we’ll have an answer – not static – but taking on a life it its own!!

Where have you been?
Jul 3rd, 2009 by Les

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

We’ve had a few people ask “where have you been” in regard to the lack of posts over the past month. Well, here’s a clue…the picture accompanying this post is our wedding picture. Luciano DeCrescenzo wrote “We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other.”

We, believe it or not, honeymooned in Wisconsin. It was actually quite beautiful and David had a chance to take some pictures of my hometown. The landscape herein just an example.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame

Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame




Calatrava, Milwaukee Art Museum

Calatrava, Milwaukee Art Museum

Both of us are now ready to attack in earnest the move – still on target for October of this year. Once our duly authorized, signed and sealed marriage license arrives – I can get my name changed on the various documents (i.e. passport, drivers license, social security card) I will need to have in place when we begin this new adventure in our lives.

David continues to read and prepare. He will be traveling to Mexico in August to visit the various sites we think we want to “begin” our adventure in. And, hopefully, he will find a little place he senses will work for us. Selling off unnecessary items, gifting items of sentimental value, donating others – all taking place.

Thank you for your patience. We are back and we are psyched and ready to “fly”! Viva Mexico!!!

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