A Photographers View of Ajijic
Aug 23rd, 2009 by Les

David spent 10 days in Ajijic just recently (he returned home Friday).  He purposely went without a car choosing to “walk the town”.  To get a feel and sense the flavor of this beautiful village tucked close to Lake Chapala.  And walk he did, to the plaza, what will soon (but not soon enough) be our neighborhood, the streets surrounding the plaza.  He spent time talking with people who live in Ajijic, a lawyer who answered some of his questions, a young photographer who has made this his home, a retiree from Alaska who comes back to the same village constantly, and various other people who supplied him with information generously and without impatience.  Taking time to share what it is like, according to each of them, to live this village life.

I grew to really enjoy his long emails written either in the heat of the afternoon – when walking wasn’t the best idea, or at night after returning from yet another delicious dinner.  His writings were filled with wonder, awe, humor, insight, care and much information.  I sensed how much he enjoyed his time there and the people who he met along the way.

Here are just a few of the pictures he sent home…..

Lake Chapala Society

Lake Chapala Society

Lake Chapala Society Pathway

Lake Chapala Society Pathway

Lake Chapala Society Garden

Lake Chapala Society Gardens

The Neighborhood
The Neighborhood

More NeighborhoodThe PlazaPeople in the PlazaA Shop

We’re Moving!!
Aug 18th, 2009 by Les

David has been in Ajijic since last Tuesday. He will be coming home on Thursday the 21st. He gave himself enough time to find a house never thinking he would find and fall in love with a hacienda in Ajijic just like that….but he did. We have a place to move to. Amazing! Now it’s fm3 cards, movers, etc. Our heads are spinning. We are really psyched and ready to move. He has spent the rest of his time in Ajijic checking our movers, talking with a local lawyer, trying to ask all the questions he can think of before we move. So exciting!

Our Home in Ajijic

Our Home in Ajijic

Another View
Going to Chapala next week to find a house to rent
Aug 7th, 2009 by David

Well (my 3rd grade teacher told me never to start a sentence with ‘well’ – it’s something you fall down, she said) I’m getting ready to go down Lakeside on Tuesday August 11th. I’ll be leaving Les behing, something I really don’t want to do. I’ll miss her. But I’ll be looking for a house to rent.

We’ve seen a number of good houses on realtor’s websites these past few months – but since them, many of them have been rented. The number of houses we’d like seems to be dwindling. So I’m hoping that the bulletin boards at Wal-Mart, and maybe the Lake Chapala Society, can point out some new places. I’m also going to do all the asking around I can, seeing if any of the local expats know of any. When we were down in April, as we were sitting in a restaurant, someone mentioned they had a house for rent.

On another front – selling the website for my photo biz – – seems to be going a little slowly. I was hoping to get some good money for it to help in our move, but in this climate, selling it is getting tougher.

I’m concerned about all of this – but Les says not to worry. She’s been convinced all along that things will go just fine – that it’s meant to be.

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