New Mailing List
Sep 14th, 2009 by David

Hi folks! I’m part way through setting up a mailing list that will let you know when new posts and comments appear here on Boomers to Mexico. I don’t have the subsribe, opt-n/opt-out box up yet, but if you write me with your email, I’ll be glad to put you on the list!

Exciting, huh?

Sep 14th, 2009 by Les

This is a direct quote from :

“Regarding the Mexican Postal Service (Servicio Postal Mexicano), there is an open debate about its effectiveness. No self-respecting business that places much importance on the timely distribution of its correspondence would rely on it for anything other than mass-mailings.”

Which seems to prove out what my husband assumed to be the case when he was in Ajijic several weeks ago, though he did see mailboxes – he didn’t see many of them being used.  Sort of smacks of the decorative phase that seemed to travel through the North Woods areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan when people started using toilets to plant flowers in and placed them on their front lawns.  And interesting solute to lawn art.

Toilet Planters

Toilet Planters

My question to all of you ex-pat’s in Mexico – is Fed-Ex and UPS the only alternative to the Pony Express in getting your mail out to friends in the States, Canada and abroad?  Traveling hours upon hours to the border to post a letter?  Are there Mailbox & Beyond stores in the area?  Would taking up the lost art of homing pigeons work – shades of New York City in the 30’s?  Post offices boxes – real or imagined?

Why do I suddenly feel I’m moving to another planet instead of merely moving across our shared borders?

My Favorite Restaurant – The Garden Restaurant Bar on Colon
Sep 9th, 2009 by David

I was returning from the lake when i stumbled unto the Garden Cafe by accident.

Entrance - The Garden Restaurant Bar

The entry to The Garden Cafe

It had colorful, welcoming sign out front, but I had to peer through the door to get a glimpse of what might be behind it. (Typical Ajijic.)

Garden cafe bar

The Bar

Passing through the entry brought me to the rustic bar, ornamented with an old fountain and a new horse.

Peacocks at the garden

Peackocks roam the garden

There were peacocks roaming the garden.

Table setting with Mosquito Repelant

A welcome gift came with the meal

The meal even came with a bottle of insect repellent. (There weren’t all that many, but I thought it was an interesting touch).

The Garden Restaurant and Bar

The Garden

But the garden itself—ahhh. So romantic!

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