I’m Immensely Relieved…..
Feb 4th, 2011 by Les

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”  Erma Bombeck, American Writer and Humorist

Joe E. Lewis, American comedian and singer, was heard to exclaim: “They had me on the operating table all day.  They looked into my stomach, my gall bladder; they examined everything inside of me.  Know what they decided?  I need glasses!”

……….when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I am listening to it.  No more so then these past few weeks of battling La Gripe.

I may be a quixotic blonde, by that I mean I tend to view life, especially whilst experiencing life in a foreign country, through rose colored glasses with a dash of dreamy and a dollop of idealistic garnished with a smidge of romanticism. However, I truly feel no one truly considers the common cold as “common”.  Looking at it honestly, it usually manifests itself with a wide range of symptoms, depending upon its host.

There are those who take being ill with the nonchalance of Voltaire who said: “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”  Then there are those of great faith who are cured by their own placebos.

Some take to their beds upon the onset of a hang nail, others trudge forward sniffling, coughing and sharing their germs with all they encounter.

David and I fall in between the aforementioned wanders in the dessert of what is being called dually the creeping crud and La Gripe here in our little village of Ajijic.  We’ve see a plethora of options open to us.  There is, just like at home, the “soup cure” with cans and cans of chicken noodle soup available at Super Lake, the gringo’s choice in Americanized grocery shopping.

There are the various medicinal options offered in the farmicia (pharmacy) inside the local Wally World (Wal-Mart).  Although don’t expect this area to look like at home for most every type of over-the-counter cure is enshrined in plastic or of such miniscule size you’re reminded of the tiny bottles of alcohol offered while traveling in the big iron bird.  After spending some time in the over-the-counter drug isle I overheard a mammoth sigh coming from a rather portly fellow with the following comment: “maybe they were right when they said I’m a healthy appearing decrepit 69 year old male, mentally alert but forgetful as I can’t remember what it is I needed and certainly couldn’t find it here if I wanted to!”  I nodded knowingly.

David, who has breathing problems, was having a hard time getting rid of a cough that had lasted over two weeks.  I finally convinced him he needed to see a doctor and we, believe it or not folks, walked to the Ajijic Clinic on the carretera about 10 blocks from our house, some of them up hill.  We were both pleasantly surprised when the receptionist simply took down David’s name and crossed the little reception area to let the attending physician know there was someone here to see him.

The doctor listened attentively to David symptoms, ordered a shot of antibiotics, then handed us a script with the admonishment: take this medicine once a day and the other three times a day and come back and see me in a week.  It is two days since our visit and David is feeling much better.  The cost of the visit and the medicine ($500 pesos at the clinic and $450 pesos at the Farmicia Guadalajara) in US dollars came to approximately $80.00 bucks.  It took us 15 minutes to walk to the clinic, maybe 20 minutes in total at the clinic, and another 20 minutes to walk to the pharmacy and then home.

All in all we were both amazed at the fact we actually walked to and from the clinic and pharmacy and the quick, professional and informed service we received.  This is the first time either of us has had to visit any medical facility since we moved here.  We had heard stories that would curl your toes and, granted, we were not needing emergency care or suffering from something that might be considered life threatening.

Oh, by the way, since so many people seem to be battling La Gripe, David has received some very sound advice from many of our Mexican neighbors and friends as to a cure.  Most shake their heads knowingly, smile and say with no hesitation: “tequila is the best cure!”  David tried the tequila cure.  According to him, it works wonders.  All I have to say is no one told him how much tequila; he smilingly figured that out on his own!  Viva Mexico!

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Below are photographs taken while strolling our village….

Heading out for a stroll from our yard.

A mural on a house near our home.

Lovely stained glass window.

Another window in the same house.

A niche sculpture.


A tree shaded ancient street leading toward Lake Chapala.

Evening descends.

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