As Pretty As An Airport
Sep 30th, 2011 by Les

“I have to go.  I’m conducting a seminar on multiple personality disorders, and it takes me forever to fill out the nametags.” Niles Crane aka David Hyde Pierce

Joaquin Phoenix was heard to say: “My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self obsession.”

The other evening we were with friends and got into a discussion regarding Sybil.  Shirley Adell Mason aka Sybil Dorsett a pseudonym given to her by Flora Rheta Schreiber, the author of the book Sybil published in 1973 was diagnosed with what was then called multiple personality disorder now dissociative identity disorder.  Her psychoanalyst, Cornelia Wilbur, originally began treating her for social anxiety and memory loss.  After extended therapy involving Mobarbital and hypnosis treatment Sybil manifest sixteen personalities.

For heaven sakes and no disrespect intended, on any given day, who among us doesn’t run through, at the very least, four or five personalities?  Give me a situation and I’ll give you a personality….trust me I have a lot of them.  The only people who might not have multiple personalities are those with no personality what-so-ever.  That’s a whole other topic.

Living in Mexico and immersing ourselves in this amazingly interesting, engaging, profound and, at the same time, humorous culture has allowed me to let fly with more personalities than I ever imagined existed within my cluttered mind.

To that end, David and I set out upon a mini-adventure not too long ago looking for a tiny village we had come upon during one of our trips back to Ajijic from Guadalajara.  He wanted to photograph this lovely village from the hills above to capture it quaintness, personality, beauty, etc.

Thank goodness for returnoes – Mexican highway turn-arounds – for those of us who miss our exits, miss our turns or in this case miss the entire village we were looking for – these come in oh-so-handy.  Well, to be quite honest I believe we turned around and drove past it approximately three, maybe four times.  Once we even made it INTO the village.  However, that didn’t help since David wanted to be looking down upon the village.

Being the intrepid adventurers we are – read we are going to find the spot we’ve ridden past who knows how often if it kills us – we soldiered forward to returneo yet again.  For me, at least, it was a side splittingly funny and laugh provoking experience….there it is…there it goes…there it is…there it goes…again!  This adventure spawned my laugh so hard I can’t even catch my breath personality.  That would be the one that David responds to by staring, unblinkingly at me as if I’d materialized from… guessed it….one of the universes in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  I belong in any universe – outside of ours – on many occasions.  Just ask David, I have no problem agreeing with the thought – it is no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase “as pretty as an airport” appear.  It makes perfect sense to me!

Any who, what happened on that photographic adventure combined with our conversation with friends just recently got me to thinking.  Oh come on, I do that once in a while…think that is…I’m sure I do.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get a “do over” or drive through, a returneo in real time?  I know of many experiences in my life I’d like to forget or, if given the opportunity, use a returneo and do over.  If no  “do over” is available to us at the time, that’s when you trod out the new and improved you….no do over….just create a personality that matches your temperament of that day or, for that matter, that moment.  What a hoot!

The adventure begins when we exit the womb and continues, for most of us, at break neck speed until…well who knows when.

There are many expats here in middle Mexico.  They come from many places…even off planet if I were to venture a guess.  While “do overs” may not be available to us at this time….it is the perfect atmosphere in which to engage in calling forth our various personalities.  Oh come on, we’ve done it all of our lives, it’s just easier to take it to an extreme when one is in a new and exciting environment.

No one bats an eye when something unusual happens here.  A burro sticking his head through a restaurant window singing in a tone only a burro can carry will simply elicit a “oh isn’t he adorable” comment.  Rockets going off at odd hours will elicit a “quick, grab the camera, there most be a parade coming”…and there usually is.  No lights lit on the stop and go light on the corner will simply elicit “well, there’s no red so it must be green” comment.  Someone says “I’ve got to get to the airport in Guad as I need to return toTexas to get my jeans starched”!  What?  Doesn’t everyone starch their jeans??!  (Don’t ask me, I believe this is a common phenomenon in Texas.)

And there dear folk is the clue to successfully living in this artistic, charming, crazy and a plethora of other descriptions village on the largest lake in Mexico.  Not only can we invite whatever personality we are entertaining at the moment to the party…we can step back and actually enjoy the chaos because…give it a moment….it will change!

Viva life!  Viva being all that we can be no matter who we happen to be at the time we are being all that we can be!  Viva Mexico! 

Below are David’s photographs of the charming village of Ixtlahuacan Los Quince.  Following those photographs are pictures of our last Meet and Greet.  Remember, if you are visiting the Lake Chapala area and want to get to meet some of the “interesting” local gringos, just let me know by emailing me at or





Opps, Ed, I'm Sure the Next One Will Be Better!


I Guess We'll Try for Next Time Ed!


Another Day Draws to a Close in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico


Nonabsolute Numbers
Sep 15th, 2011 by Les

“The first nonabsolute number is the number of people for whom the table is reserved.  This will vary during the course of the first three telephone calls to the restaurant, and then bear no apparent relation to the number of people who actually turn up, or to the number of people who subsequently join them after the show/match/party/gig, or to the number of people who leave when they see who else has turned up.

The second nonabsolute number is the given time of arrival, which is now known to be one of those most bizarre of mathematical concepts, a recipriversexcluson, a number whose existence can only be defined as being anything other than itself.  In other words, the given time of arrival is the one moment of time at which it is impossible that any member of the party will arrive.  Recipriversexclusons now plays a vital part in many branches of math, including statistics and accountancy and also form the basic equations used to engineer the Somebody Else’s Problem field.”  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (Can you tell who my favorite author is???)

In the 1800’s a French physician named Broca studied the brain looking for a relationship between anatomical features and mental capabilities.  He was not successful.  Craniums basically look the same.

What we think of as “self” transcends the body.  From where does the essence of you come?  Do philosophical/religious beliefs shape the id?  Is it sentience, soul, spirit, self-awareness, consciousness, sapience that mold our identity?

Some of us, read “me” here, need a Sherpa to guide us (again read “me” here) through the rigors of my absurdly wandering life not to mention my mind which frequently finds itself involved in out-of-body experiences.  I believe we are born to focus the majority of our lives.  I’m not saying on what we might focus…just focus in general – something I’ve never been good at!  From birth to retirement, any who, you have goals and destinations you are taught to help you end up where you think you want to be.  If you are like me, I was usually not quite sure where I wanted to be and ended up places that were a mystery until I took the time to understand why I was there.  I know, as usual, that makes little sense.  Come on.  Did you really expect me to “focus” on any given idea?  If you are reading my blog you must have reached the point where you realize there is no destination in mind – it’s the humor and absurdity of the ride that I crave.

Before I get into more trouble, cartilaginous, financial or otherwise, I’d better share the purpose of these musings with you.   One could say, if I knew who the heck “one” is that I am freakishly adapt at absolutely nothing and seem to be totally unaware but trudge ever forward.

I’ve always found it somewhat amusing when I hear a person has retired, when time is supposedly no longer an urgent matter, they are given a watch to send them off…not over the edge…just too where ever they may be going.  There are a lot of challenges before us like, for instance, how to spend time without spending any money.  Let’s face it we suddenly find ourselves free as a breeze with basically the same income.

Calvin and Hobbs remarked there is never enough time to do the entire nothing you want.  Living here in middle Mexico has brought many surprises.  The rockets that go off unexpectedly – at least for most of us – at odd hours of the day or night to name one surprise.  Impromptu parades of bands practicing to walk and play at the same time while circling our block with – shall we say – many a local exuberantly dancing up a storm in their wake, frequently followed by moi.

Stores closed for siesta.  Cars turning very narrow corners and gently nudging a mobile unit – parked too close to the corner – forward an inch or two so the turn can be completed.  Cars backing up a one way street (I’ve said this before but, as you can see, I still love to see this).  Appointments set, specific times agreed upon though the day doesn’t seem to matter.

One of my children’s favorite albums when growing up was something recorded by Marlo Thomas and friends called “Free to Be”.  Basically, you are free to be whatever you want to be – no limits – no pigeon holing – no you’re a girl you must be this or you’re a boy you must be that.

Well, I’m retired – not dead and I’m free to being like crazy!! I don’t need to be anything but continue to crave being whatever might pop into my mind.  Life is full here.  Opportunities abound.  Possibilities exist beyond the norm.  People are healthy, active, busy and, at the same time, laid back and eagerly learning to see what life has to offer at this stage of the game.  Or, simply, doing nothing and never under estimating the value of doing same even if there never is enough time to do nothing.

What is the saying????   It may be your sole purpose in life to be a warning to others.  I’m it.  I’m the warning!!  No encumbrances, no guide to follow to “should of”, “could of” or “would of” –  just me living life in a tiny village in central Mexico with a group of wonderfully chaotic, happy, healthy, friendly and crazy gringo’s and nationals alike!  Nonabsolute numbers – the table is reserved for as the number “whatever” – the time is negotiable within a twenty-four hour period – the day hasn’t arrived as yet – could be any day; month, year etc. and the doors are always open.

Can’t get anymore nonabsolute numbers or otherwise than that!!  VivaMexico!!

Below you will find photographs of the shawls the ladies presented in the Ajijic town square recently.  So often physical beauty is automatically connected with youth, dear hearts, these are some of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in Mexico with a beauty that transcends normal parameters.




One of David's gifts is to see the beauty that surrounds us and capture it to share. I am often amazed at his talent and the heart he puts into it.

Avoid Reality at All Costs
Sep 9th, 2011 by Les

“The first time I passed through Switzerland I had the impression it was swept down with a broom from one end to the other every morning by housewives who dumped all the dirt in Italy.”  Ernesto Sabato, Argentinean Journalist and Novelist

“You really think you can explain why you left port without a full compliment of olives?” Morgan, Futurma

Living in Mexico is often pretty magical stuff for me.  Take, for instance, the lowly broom.  Mine broke. On the one hand, if I were trying to terminate the operation of a witches coven (not saying there are any here – just my usual circuitous way of looking at things), I’d probably seize everything in sight.  Therein lies the rub, how would I tell the ordinary household broom from a getaway vehicle?

I grew up loving Disney’s Fantasia.  My very favorite scene was Mickey Mouse, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, causing the broomsticks to come to life.

The Broomsticks appear because of Mickey’s magic and are somewhat the main antagonists. When Mickey tries to do one of the wizard’s spells by making a broomstick come to life and to get arms, the broomstick is supposed to do Mickey’s job; however, Mickey’s magic seems to get out of control (boy can I relate to that!). Mickey tries to stop it by smashing it with an axe. The remaining pieces of the broomstick all turn into additional broomsticks. They flood the house until the magic is stopped by Yen Sid.

Being a seeker of esoteric knowledge, I’d like to get my hands on whatever spell Mickey might have used on the broomsticks to bring them to life.  You can bet your sweet bippy I would also start chopping away if more would magically materialize and begin sweeping madly.

Live your life without limits.  Let the brooms take charge.  Heck, if you live in Mexico, they have already taken charge.  Everyone learns to use a broom here – even those who had never touched one in their past (believe it or not they are out there) embrace the broom psychology.

We live in a dust bowl.  We have Lake Chapala on one side, land lots of land to the east and west and the Sierra Madera’s on the other side.  Dust is a part of life here…lots of it.

I used to think my specialties were making facts as I see them obtuse, eating donuts and creating mayhem.  I have now added sweeping to my list of specialties.  One must never stop growing.  Without becoming too analytical (read rational which is never going to happen), I’d say embracing the fact that one must sweep every day, several times a day should be considered good exercise.  We all need exercise.

Just throw on some loud rock music.  Might I recommend “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Stones (somehow that seems so appropriate) and shake your booty.  Not only does the dust move around, because lets face it we never get it swept up, but the neighbors, especially if they are Mexican nationals like those in our neighborhood, hang over the wall (I love to see the ninos doing just that) and are entertained watching the crazy gringa gyrating to the beat.

No sense in trying to discuss this as anyone living here knows trying to sweep up the dust just isn’t going to happen.  Logical debates can’t be made out of illogical theorems.  Bottom line…embrace the absurd, boggy on down with whatever music floats your boat, grab that broom and have some fun.

As Katie in Horton Hears a Who said: “In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.”  Well folks, in my world everyone must have a broom so what the hey, give that broom a personality, grab the handle, shake up that dust, get in the grove and spout some positives….just don’t inhale while you’re doing it!!  Viva Mexico!!

(The “olive” quote has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I simply liked the quote and could not, for the life of me, figure out a way to work it into the dialog.  Ma Ma said there’d be days like this.)

Meet Bromleigh Broom….



Brooms on the carretera….

Dia incicio de la Independencia September 16th…





I leave you with another beautiful pathway leading to Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico


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