The Man-Mountain
Nov 29th, 2011 by Les

“First the Man-Mountain shall not depart from our dominions without out license under our great seal.”  Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels

“They bury their dead with their heads directly downwards, because they hold an opinion that in eleven thousand moons they are all to rise again, in which period the earth (which they conceive to be flat) will turn upside down, and by this means they shall, at their resurrection, be found ready standing on their feet. The learned among them confess the absurdity of this doctrine, but the practice still continues, in compliance to the vulgar.”
– Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels

David fell.  And so the story begins.  October 31st, in the year of our Lord 2011…aka “Day of the Dead”.

Out the door he flew….not once but twice.  Music, laughter, excitement, firecrackers, bells pealing…the call of sirens, sea deities borne of Greek mythology, enticing our intrepid photographer to come, shoot, capture this moment in time so all can enjoy.  Too fast for moi.

Of course, and as always whenever there is a parade….and there are many….in our small village the streets are filled with people….whole families, children smiling from ear-to-ear dancing in the wake of this or that float, horseman, scary creatures, Aztec goddesses.   And the ever present cobblestones.

Before I continue my tale, let me tell you about our cobblestones here in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico…they are not the quaint cobblestones of the villages from yesteryear found in many a colonial town.  They aren’t even like the FLAT bricks placed end-to-end in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  These are the real deal!  Nothing flat about these authentic and very round stones. 

Forgetting the mantra …  “stop – gawk – walk” and caught up in the excitement of the moment the creative being that is David put his camera to eye and clicked…and clicked again.

Out of the blue…he has told me…he felt his feet give way out from under him.  Though all of us who know David care deeply about him and don’t want him to suffer any harm….there is a part of us…let’s explain mainly because of his 6’5” frame that entertain the thought when we register that he may in fact be heading for a..well..header…feel compelled to yell “timber”.

After the fact, and as we discussed what happened while cleaning his legs, and assessing how much damage had been done to same…yet again…we both found ourselves entertaining gales of laughter.  Was there any warning, I inquired?  How the heck would I know…he responded…I was in motion…literally…my feet going hell-bent-for-election trying to keep my body up…not down.

Did you take anyone out with you?   It was like bowling pins…his response.  And then the Gulliver’s story took form…except in this scenario… the Lilliputians were not trying to pin him down…they were coming from everywhere….are you okay… must be careful….let us help you up…they were intent upon lifting him up.

Mexican people are so kind.  Mexican people are so willing to help.  Mexican people are not very tall.  Four men, none of whom were over 5’5” grabbing David as best they could, trying to get him high enough so that his feet clad in size 14 shoes could magically appear under his very tall frame and support him….think Frodo in Lord of the Rings…big feet that really couldn’t help much unless they were directly under his … butt!

And that is where the last man standing…so to speak….placed his hand and, basically, walked his tall frame up to a standing position.  Hooray resounded from the crowd.  Second, the Man-Mountain shall not presume to come into our metropolis without our express order, at which time the inhabitants shall have two hours warning to keep within their doors. Jonathan Swift…again.

David did some harm to his leg.  A trip to the doctor.  A trip to Guadalajara for x-rays.  Water on the knee…bursitis….accompanied by aches and pains…..and the like.

He is doing much better now.  With his usual tenacity he has taken care of his knee, strengthened  his body and used his great sense of humor to heal the pain.  It is important, if you plan to visit our little village, to remember to keep your wits about you when walking these cobblestone ways.  A grand suggestion but fraught with problems for nit-wits like me!!

As the Man-Mountain walks the said roads “of Ajijic” he shall take the utmost care not to trample upon the bodies of any of our loving subjects, their horses, or carriages, nor take any of our said subjects into his hands, without their own consent.”  You-Know-Who

Below are some of the photographs David took prior to his travels to Lilliput….

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