December 18th, 2012 by David

“A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.” John Priestly

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They most be felt with the heart.”  Helen Keller

Why be limited by logic?  Seriously, I’ve reached the age when life stops giving me things and starts taking things away…like my memory for instance.  How frustrating it is to get up from the kitchen table, head down the hall, come to a dead stop mid-way to who knows where and lament…what was I going to get?

We have not been in Newberry South Carolina for that long.  We are still comparing life here to the life we led in Mexico.  Sentences still begin with, this would have cost that in Ajijic, and it costs this here.  Traffic would have been like this in Guadalajara– chaotic (a topic of continuous conversation among ex-pats who live in Mexico) and is now like this in Newberry – tranquil to the point of boredom.  If someone had told me I would long for the rush of adrenalin I got whenever we went for a drive in Mexico, I’d have thought them crazy.  There is a part of me, the lunatic within if you will, that has overcome me at times here and prompts me to change lanes without blinker engaged and mind at the ready…just move.  I don’t give in but the thought still startles the heck out of me!

Driving is calmer here.  I do remind myself  Newberry is not a booming metropolis and is certainly not comparable to Guadalajara except that both places are beautiful in their own way and have automobiles.  Choices in the type of fuel we put in our mobile unit are abundant…not so in Mexico.  Prices change daily here and I find myself straining my neck to see where the price is the least.  In Mexico, you simply pulled into the only gas station available, Pemex, and bought the only fuel for whatever price it was.  Life made simpler.

Shopping for groceries does not take on the same sense of adventure it did in Chapala.  While there are certainly far more items to choose from, the excitement of wondering  just what a product is does not present itself here…basically we know.  I can remember walking down aisle after aisle in Soriana’s thinking…my heavens what is this….it looks interesting…could I use it somewhere…should I take a chance.  Here I’ve gone back to grab and drop (into cart) as my shopping behavior.  No excitement there though I often find things at check out that make absolutely no sense…it is me not the object…you know, the whole “sense” thing.  Let’s face it, how often do I make sense….again I digress.

And then there’s the walking….walking without boundaries.  David has, upon more then one occasion mentioned…I don’t have to look at my feet anymore.  I can actually walk and look around without fear of upending myself and having three to four gracious amigos try to set me aright.  I no longer feel like I am living the life of a giant with Lilliputians running interference.

There is beauty here as there is beauty in Mexico.  This place is rift with the history of a young America not unlike the history that can be seen in every village in Mexico.  There are fabulous structures showing the heritage of the deep south here, as there are architecturally magnificent buildings including entire sections of prehispanic and colonial cities in Mexico.

And the people.  The people are warm and welcoming here…southern hospitality in abundance as were the Mexican people and their graciousness and good humor.  Children of both countries with their shy smiles and sweetness abound and bring a smile to your face and touch your heart with happiness.

As this holiday season brings joy and hope to many and the new year fast approaches, David and I look back on the many things that made Mexico our home for three years and look forward to life in small town USA.

May we take this opportunity as 2013 approaches to wish you a gentle heart, good health in abundance, the sweetness of love, gratitude born of experience, caring for those less fortunate and a peace which transcends hope and gives great joy. Let yourself go and explore the child within…laugh heartily and do something crazy…it does lift the spirits and makes you laugh from your gut.  It has been a pleasure sharing with all of you our exploits in Mexico.  Your comments have touched us and we are thankful for your presence in our lives and the opportunity to share David’s wonderful photography and my absurd and often irrational outlook on life ala Mexico.

May your hair flourish, your pimples diminish, your abs harden, your heart soften, your teeth whiten, your skin darken, your stocks rise, your cholesterol fall, your happiness increase, and your mortgage decrease, as you will be in serious trouble if everything is in the reverse.

Viva the United States of Mexico and Viva the United States of America!

Christmas in Mexico


Lighted Garden


Child in Manger Scene – Ajijic


Downtown Newberry


A Building on the Square
Beautifully decorated building in downtown Newberry

Our Friend Em

Best Wishes and the Happiest of New Years

David and Les

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