In the Book of Life, The Answers Aren’t In the Back
Sep 2nd, 2012 by Les

“You get a strange feeling when you are about to leave a place, I told him, like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you will miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again.”  Azar Nafisi, Reading Lolita in Tehran

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go we take a little of each other everywhere.”  Tim McGraw

Oh darn, I had so hoped they were in the back of the book!  Sometimes I find keeping my brain focused on a specific subject harder than putting socks on an octopus.  As Tuesday, the day of our leave taking looms my brain functions have become similar to that of the many dancing brooms let loose by the tiny sorcerer’s apprentice.  A lot of activity…most of it too curious to mention.

There is no putting into words how one feels as one nears the day of departure from their home of three years.  It is sort of like sitting in a dark room watching old home movies….a walk down memory lane.

For instance, the word “shit” muttered in disbelief, frustration, etc is an acronym for “ship high in transit” and was once used to mark crates of manure being transported aboard … well…ships.  Might be an urban legend or not..who knows.  Who even knows why I brought this up except I find the word, which I rarely use filtering through my mind often lately.

With my aforementioned mind on…okay I should take this with us….this should go in the lift van….no maybe not…where did I put the…what was it….over here….why did I come into this room….why in the heck did I even bring this here….goodness gracious I’ve turned into a Fruit Loop!

One thing is for sure Mexico is beautiful…the land…the mountains…the desserts…the lush foliage and absolutely beautiful flowers, birds etc.  And the weather…the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere…even during the rainy season.  However, if pushed to say what is Mexico’s biggest draw..charm if you will?  Certainly and without a doubt it’s people.  At least in my experience living in … as I’ve said so often before …a tiny former fishing village of Ajijic on the shores of Lake Chapala.

The people one meets every morning while sweeping the walk in front of our home, for example.  The “hola”, “Buenos Dias” that slip easily, now, from my lips and the lips of people I’ve come to know.  The mother’s holding tightly to their children’s hands.  The children dressed in the school clothes, shiny faces, big smiles and even bigger backpacks.  The daily life…shop keepers opening their doors, preparing their wares for sale and, of course, many observing the customs of closing between the hours of 2 and 4 to relax and have a meal with their families or friends.  Something I’m now so used to but was so surprised at when I first arrived.

The above is just a simple glimpse into the morning lives of my Mexican neighbors.  David and I wanted to live in the village because we wanted to experience Mexican life first hand and we have never regretted it.

The treasure of Mexico is it’s people….in my mind.  They touch your heart with their smiles, their laughter, their sense of family.  They are working hard for the very same thing family’s work hard for in the US, Canada, the UK and on and on…a chance for their children to have the education and opportunities that education can afford in their future.  Their joy of life which is never more apparent then the laughter, music and excitement that accompanies planned and unplanned parades that happen often in our little village.  Proud papas and mama’s marching beside their ninos smiling up a storm.

Life is what you make it.  Everything is within walking distance if you have time.  We did.  We walked, we learned, we experienced and we will never forget.

Vaya con Dios to all of our friends…we shall hold you in our hearts forever….may blessings surround you…happiness be in your hearts…may your homes be full of joy…and may you know that you are loved.

The kitten has found a home two doors down from us…just past the baker’s shop…and it is good!


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