This and That and Lolita’s
Nov 3rd, 2012 by Les

Milton Berle once said: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”.

Graham Greene said: “There’s always one moment in life when the door opens and lets the future in.”

We are currently working on our new South Carolina blog.  An opportunity has presented itself and I thought I’d share it with all of you.  I’ve missed some opportunities in life.  Had they come in as temptations it would have only required one knock…as it was even pounding me over the head with a rubber mallet didn’t work.  Consequently, while our SC blog is under construction I will continue to write here.

Our friends, Steve and Lana Coffman own Lolita’s Inn/Gallery/Healing Center located not far from the plaza in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico.  If you are thinking about Mexico, I would like to suggest you visit their web site .  We’ve talked so much about considering Mexico and all it has to offer.  We’ve also commented on visiting first to get a feel for the area and if it is right for you.

This is a rare opportunity to not only see the area, stay in the well appointed luxury of a gorgeous inn, but to purchase a business that is already up and running successfully..if you are of the mind to do so.  This is what Steve and Lana write:

We are a new property having moved in October 2012.  Our first year has been a resounding success.  The high seasons are booked in advance (mostly snow birds from the US and Canada) and our summer season is starting to become popular for the getting out of the heat and humidity crowds in the southern US.  People living in Guadalajara often use our inn as a weekend retreat and that market is growing.

We never dreamed it would be this enjoyable and easy.  We built Lolita’s Inn with the idea of selling it.  Once sold we intend to stay in Ajijic and start our next adventure.  Our sights are set on finding the perfect people who want to retire and have some income or simply don’t want to stop their life after retirement. 

Lolita’s is small, for easy management, cozy, comfortable with an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness you’ll utterly enjoy.  It is also within walking distance of other galleries, restaurants, boutique shops and the beautiful Ajijic Malacon…boardwalk.

David at Lolita’s Inn Gallery and Healing Center

David had a gallery showing at Lolita’s and it was a simply wonderful place to show off his work as well as meet and greet the absolutely interesting people who live in or visit the area.

If you simply want to get away…spend some time…or are looking for a business opportunity…please visit or email

On with another thought as I try not to clutter my brain with too many thoughts at one time.  The filter that keeps all my thoughts from pouring out of my mouth hasn’t been changed for some time…I guarantee nothing.  I will continue to post on the BoomerstoMexico website until we have finished constructing our new South Carolina website.  Once it is completed, we will have a grand opening.

Please consider this a taste of what’s to come.

Our good friend Emmie took us on a tour of downtown Newberry.  Since we live two blocks from most everything…we walked from our house to the tour.  Below you will find pictures of one of the oldest hardware stores around these parts. 

Bill Shull runs this hardware store.  His great grandparents opened it in 1884.  Many of the antiques in the store were placed there before they became antiques.  Bill has everything from the traditional chain, rope, cabinet hardware and wood screws to a copy of his father’s 1994 Nobel Prize in Physics, which isn’t for sale.

Upon entering the store and hidden among ALL of the STUFF a lone anachronistic voice called out: “oh, no…don’t tell me you are moving here. No offense…we don’t need more old people (author’s comment…we aren’t that OLD) we need new blood.”   Ah ha…the legendary Mr. Shull.  I started to say something when he interrupted again with: “well, shut my mouth (which didn’t happen I might add)…don’t tell me you’re a Yankee!?”  To which I replied:  “Let me guess …  you must be on the Newberry Welcoming Committee…am I right?”  All was said in good humor though I believe Mr. Shull must be one of Newberry’s resident curmudgeons extraordinaire.

I’ve been told growing old is mandatory.  Okay….since it appears remaining a child is optional…I choose that option…thank you very much.  Newberry is a college town.  Home to Newberry College (go figure) which is celebrating its 150th anniversary and Piedmont Technical College among other schools of higher education, they tell me.  The place is hopping with lots to do and opportunity to nurture the child within to the extreme.  I am excited about sharing with you via word and David’s photographs what we may encounter on my first foray into living in the true south.

Beside the photographs of the hardware store…you will also find a small church we found after taking a trip down a street that simply looked inviting and the cotton fields (I’ve never seen a cotton field other than in photographs and David hadn’t seen any in years) that surrounded the church.  What fun!!

Enjoy…there will be more to come.


Yup…you guessed it…a window display!



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