In just 2 days, Les and I are retiring to Mexico. We haven’t the slightest idea what we’re doing.
April 9th, 2009 by David

I can’t remember when Judy (who likes to be called ‘Les’, and in lawyer speak, will hereinafter be referred to in that manner) and I decided we were moving to Mexico for our ‘retirement.’ All of a sudden, we just knew we were. I don’t think we’d even been thinking about it the month before.

I love to travel, but haven’t done much lately. When I was just out of college, I bummed around Europe for a year and a half. In my early 30’s I lived in Hawaii for a couple of years. But I’ve been back home in Dallas for almost 30 years now – and jeez – IT IS BORING! I’d like to being doing something fun again.

I remember, about 6 months ago, telling Les how I’d love to have some sort of motor-home/caravan and travel around the country. She was amazed that it was a dream of mine – because it had been a dream of hers. At that point, we discovered that we both longed for travel and adventure.

I’ve been a successful photographer in Dallas for the entire time I’ve been back here – but somehow, I never built up any retirement. It looked like I was just going to take photographs until I passed away. Les doesn’t have any retirement either. Then I remembered a book I had back in the early ‘70’s ‘Bargain Paradises of the World’. And Mexico was the Numero Uno bargain paradise!! The author even wrote another book just about Mexico being such a wonderful place. (The number 2 bargain paradise was the Canary Islands, and I did move there for close to a year.)

As soon as the words ‘Bargain Paradises of the World’ were out of my mouth – I think that’s when we knew we were moving to Mexico.

It sounds like such a great idea! Cheap enough that we can live on our social security checks. A new culture. Wonderful weather. Other Americans and Europeans already down there so we wont feel so lost. And just next door to the US, so we can visit family, and friends and family and friends can come visit us. What a deal!

So we’ve decided to move there. Right now, April 8th, we don’t even know where. But the lease on the house we’re in expires on October 15th – so we’ll have made the move by then. That’s just 6 months from now!

So this blog is the story of how we – a couple of boomers – are movin’ to Mexico. A real-life, real-time account of the problems we’re facing, the questions we’re asking, the answers we’ve found – and most of all, the joy of our expectation of being Boomers Movin’ to Mexico.


Mexico, here we come!

Mexico Here We Come

My Turn….

Believe it or not, David is absolutely right – we were both amazed at how congruent both of our dreams were and still are. For two people who were sort of introduced in an unusual way – it is amazing how we connected. Short version: David’s daughter’s mother-in-law and my sister-in-law (who worked together) set us up. What are the odds of that type of thing actually turning out? Since it did – we both figure the odds are stacked in our favor!

I did not travel Europe or live on any islands in my life time (although I did visit Hawaii, Montego Bay, the Bahamas, etc as well as Ireland and England over the years. I worked, went to school and raised two children in Wisconsin. My kids grew up great. My career was going wonderfully – breaking through what was called the “glass ceiling” at the largest commercial real estate firm in Wisconsin to be named a vice president all the while working as a psychologist (my degree) as often as I could.

No time for travel or adventure –but a great life.

As David and I fell in love and talked endlessly about our hopes and dreams we both realized there was still a sense of adventure and excitement both of us cherished and were open to.

Thus the dream was born and now, by golly, it is becoming a reality each and every day we head toward our move.

Here’s hoping some of the humor, frustrations, excitement, foreboding and general confusion will translate itself into something others might use to make their dreams come true.


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