More Pacific vs. Chapala
May 28th, 2009 by David

Nancy –  at, is a frequent contributor here at BoomersToMexico.  On the subject of rentals in Mazatlan, she mentions Jen’s new house in Mazatlan.  It’s a beautiful, large place that is very affordable compared to Chapala. Check out Jen’s blog, MexScape to see pictures of it. Go to ‘Photo Gallery/Our New House’.And while you’re there, check out the pics of ‘Bike Week’. Les is from Milwaukee, where they make Harleys. Bikes are her kind of stuff, but only if they make that low throaty sound.

Nancy also suggests getting the rental price in pesos, not dollars. Good idea.

Ultimately, lifestyle will make the choice for us, but it’s nice to see what’s affordable in Mazatlan.

May 27th, 2009 by David

Les and I have been talking it over, and don’t really feel certain that the Chapala area is where we want to first settle down. Neither of us was very impressed with it – though we did visit it at what might have been the worst time of the year, weatherwise, it was April and very dry, the rains hadn’t come yet to make it beautiful.

So we’re thinking we should make a run down the pacific coast, and see what that has to offer.  Mazatlan, The Riviera Nayarit. That area might be a little cheaper than the Chapala area, and both of us have always liked the ocean.

The guidebooks say that the pacific towns get ‘swealteringly hot and humid’ in the summer, but we’ll see what that’s like. Heck, I live in Texas. It may not get to 90 degrees and 90% humidity – but 105 and 70-80% might be even worse. Besides, I lived in Hawaii for two years, where it’s hot and humid in the summer, and on a desert island off the coast of Africa. It wasn’t humid – but it was HOT!

So I might take a run down the coast in August and see what it’s like at it’s hottest. Then we can make a decision between the two. We’re on a budget, so cost might make a difference.

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