Getting a work permit
Nov 18th, 2009 by David

I’m thinking of getting a work permit to become a freelance photographer for gringo real-estate agents and developers around here.

But i dont know anything about the work permit laws. There sure seem to be a lot of Americans working in the real-estate industry around here, so i suppose they’ve gotten permits. Any ideas?

NFL football – is it on TV here in Mexico?
Nov 15th, 2009 by David

We don’t have our TV down here yet, as Les may have mentioned, so I’m really having Cowboys withdrawal. True, I fled the States in 1972 because they were doing so badly and I just couldn’t take it any more. But now in the 21st Century, I really need my weekly fix. Summer is especially unbearable. Baseball? Really now.

NFL games may be on TV here from time to time – I don’t know. Maybe they’re even on weekly, but the chances that each week the ‘pokes will be on seems rather slim. I had hoped we’d get streaming video of the ‘boys games, but we don’t, because of ‘licensing problems.’ (Same problem with Hulu, or USA channel, or any of the other networks that stream video in the states.) But there is a solution!!!!!  The NFL – never ones to miss out on a chance to make a buck – offers streaming radio of the games! So, for a small fee, I can listen to any of the games on my computer, just like I used to listen to them on the radio when they hadn’t sold out. Kind of fun and reminiscent of my youth, actually. But still not like watching Tony Romo throw a 60 yard pass and hit Miles Austin in stride.

Down-to-the-Wire 2
Oct 9th, 2009 by David

It’s getting close now. I remember when it was 10months away. Then 6. Now it’s just 20 days!!!

Some big questions have come up, andI hope you all have some answers.

1. We’ll be driving through Laredo.  What advice you have? Where are some good places to spend the night on the way down?

2. At the consulate where Les got her FM-3 (quite an easy process), we were told that the household inventory had to be in ‘Good Spanish’. Our movers showed us a contract saying they would make an inventory in ‘Standard American English.’ I called Teresa down at Strom White Movers in Ajijic, mentioned the disparity, and she assured me it would all go ok. I’m just a bit concerned how all this will go. At the bprder. will they require the household inventory be in Spanish, not English? What experiences have you had?

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