Gilbert and the Kitten
September 15th, 2009 by David

Many of you have read our posts about Gilbert, our fabulous Cockatiel. We’re going to be really sad leaving him behind, he’s such a funny and fascinating little bird. Read Les’ post ‘You cannot fly like an Eagle with the wings of a Wren.’

Gilbert entrances even the local kittens

Gilbert entrances the local kittens

But we’re not the only ones who are attracted, fascinated, and ultimately entranced by him.

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  • David writes:
    September 16th, 20099:07 amat

    Thanks Beth–

    We’ve gone through all the stories people have had about bringing their bird in, then out again. Les and I have finally decided to leave Gilbert with a good family who baby-sat him while we’ve been on vacation. There’s a young teenager who really loves Gilbert. Hopefully, they’ll send up updates.

  • Beth writes:
    September 15th, 20099:15 pmat

    You should check a recent posting about this topic in one of the Lakeside forums. One poster said they brought in their bird legally; the process took six months.

    I believe you can view as a guest, but you might want to consider joining the forum. There is frequent good info mixed in with some of the usual whining, moaning, complaining.

    Maybe you’ve already discovered it!

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