Hummingbirds in Mexico
June 20th, 2010 by Les

Bill Watterson, American author and creator of Calvin & Hobbs says: “When birds burp, it must taste like bugs.”

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.”  James Dent (actor)

David has been spending A LOT of time on our porch.  Camera stationed on a tripod and focused on the lovely tiger lilies that dot our yard just off our porch and behind palm branches.

Let me step back a bit, one morning not too long ago David was working in the studio.  Our studio is up some stairs behind our house and overlooks beautiful Lake Chapala, glistening mountains ranges and swaying palm trees.  Inspiring, thought provoking, peaceful, enchanting are words that come to mind whenever we think of this fabulous studio.

On this particular day David let the door swing wide and air flow through, bringing with it an unexpected visitor.  As he pondered yet another array of photographs he had taken he heard this incredibly gentle sound, similar to a well-tuned motor, just above his head and to the left of where he was sitting.

He glanced up, his mind still on what he was doing (he can remain focused, something I’ve never been able to do) and lo-and-behold, there, right in front of him “stood” a hummingbird.  Anyone who has seen a hummingbird “stand” knows what I mean…straight up, wings moving with little effort he stared right into David’s face.  It was as if he was saying: “why not take some pictures of me and my friends?”

The photographs contained in this blog are ones I know you are going to enjoy, as David has managed to capture the character and essence of these divine creatures, as only he can.  They are a derivative of that invitation, for that is what I choose to believe that little hummingbird was doing in our studio that day.

We can sit quietly upon our porch each and every day and watch the lilies nodding their beautiful orange heads in the sun while an array of hummingbirds dip their beaks into the pedals’ lovely folds.

I can honestly say I have never seen birds with more character.  One afternoon I sat with him as he held his automatic snap-shot thingy (sorry folks, I don’t know the technical term) in hand and watched as these delightful and tiny creatures visited the lilies over and over again.  Often, they’d buzz in, test a few flowers and then stop in mid-air and look directly at David as if to say: “did you get that?”

Hummingbirds are amazingly tiny yet full of an exuberance for life, you can’t help but call them precious.  One more precious then the other, brilliant red heads, green feathers, tiny bodies and wings so clear you can see the flowers through them.

They may not be indigenous to Mexico.  They may travel the world.  However, we have been given the gift of time in this lovely, ancient Mexican village and so I say again, Viva Mexico!

[Note] Our lawn mower is broken and our gardener is cutting our grass with a weed wacker.  Needless to say, but say it I must, there is no quiet in Lawrence Land when the lawn needs mowing!

Can you see the flowers through his tiny wings?

Can you see the flowers through his tiny wings?

He hovers just above the lilie.

He hovers just above the lilie.

Coming in for a landing.

Coming in for a landing.

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11 Responses  
  • Bonnie Stamford writes:
    July 2nd, 201012:22 pmat

    Great pictures on all your newsletters. Hummingbirds are one of my favorites and here in Pagosa Springs, CO, we are missing a lot of our hummingbirds…our feeders are seldom used and no one is sure where they have gone. I’m spending the winter in Mexico and am bringing my 2 feeders with the hopes they will attract a bevy of little flyers. Do you know if there there all winter?
    I loved the comment about “bird burps”, and I expect it might be true…it was quite a chuckle! And your story about your Purina diet was a laugh out loud-er!!! In actuality, if the food nuggets were made for human consumption, it’s actually a sound idea to lose weight. Might have to make some up for myself and try it.

  • joe-- writes:
    June 27th, 201011:22 amat


    where did you get your feeders? we made one ourselves, but havent used it for fear it would draw the birds away from the flowers.


  • Les writes:
    June 27th, 20109:28 amat

    Hi Joe,

    Yes the critters here is Mexico are vibrantly colored and amazing in nature. We just love watching the hummingbirds and all the birds in our yard as they are all such characters.

    Thanks for your comments.


  • Joe Loutey writes:
    June 27th, 20107:59 amat

    My wife and I have been here since May. We have a roof patio with lots of potted plants in bloom. We bought a hummingbird feeder last month, and we have been going through a quart of sugar water each week. We have even had a few larger birds come and feed.The hummingbirds are amazing, and very territorial. One white breasted bird perches on a small limb above the feeder and chases all the other kinds of hummingbirds away. After he leaves, then the other ones come in and have their fill. We have two small dogs who go up to the feeder and bark a bit, but, after a while the birds learned that the dogs can’t get them, so now, they pretty much ignore them. The birds like to go to the flowers, but our feeder is so easy and abundant that they really focus on it.
    I loved your photos. The flowers, in the background, really enhance their beauty.
    I saw an amazing beetle up on the patio the other day. It had a metalic emerald green back with six or eight spots on it that were brilliant fucia. I went to get my camera, but it was gone when I got back. The critters down here so brilliant and beatuiful, that we are amazed every day by something. It reminds me of Costa Rica

  • Les writes:
    June 22nd, 20104:30 pmat

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments on David’s photographs. They are magical, aren’t they? I’m watching him right now, working on his “in flight” poster which will feature even more wonderful shots of hummingbirds. Viva Mexico!


  • Rachel Fuqua writes:
    June 22nd, 20104:04 pmat

    What AMAZING pictures! I love them! Thanks for sharing them with us. I’m happy to “hear” your voice, Mrs. David Lawrence! Hope I’ll get to meet you someday.

  • Sandy Gregory writes:
    June 21st, 20105:35 pmat

    Wow, they took my breath away!!!! David you are soooo talented and amazing. Judy your words in the post make you want to go right to the pics before finishing what you write. I really had to restrain myself this time.



  • David writes:
    June 21st, 20109:04 amat

    Bonnie, Laurel, and Joe and Jan —

    Thank you. I’ve had a great time shooting them. I’m trying to get enough for a great poster.

  • Bonnie Hughes writes:
    June 21st, 20108:41 amat

    These are the prettiest hummingbird pictures I’ve ever seen. I’m sure they’d win First Place in any photo contest.

  • Joe & Jan Ritchie writes:
    June 21st, 20108:32 amat

    Absolutely amazing photos. You can add one of these to my purchase when we get Lakeside.

    Thanks again Les and David for this website. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    I am sending you an article on Fossie the Hummingbird Lady that lives right down the street from you on Independencia in a separate e mail. We plan on visiting her when we get there.

    Adios Amigos

  • Laurel Williams writes:
    June 20th, 201011:27 pmat

    Absolutely stunning photos. I hope you sell a warehouse full. will write more later.

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