In Theory Everything Works
January 17th, 2011 by Les

“I watched something in Spanish last night and I enjoyed reading the subtitles, until I realized it was in English and I had the “mute” button pushed!” David Perry Lawrence, American photographer.
Albert Einstein, German physicist, was heard to say “Once you accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaids is nothing.”

Maynard G. Krebs

In the immortal words of Maynard G. Krebs:

Shall Remain Unknown

 “WORK”!  Maynard (shown here on the left and precursor to the 70’s version of the “shall reamain unknown” person on the right) was a character, played by Bob Denver on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, a TV show that was on from 1959 to 1963.  An explanation of the Maynard G. Krebs (the “G” stood for Walter) character depicted his abhorrence of conventional social forms which was signified by his comical reactions to the three words: “work”, “marriage”, and “police”. For example, whenever the word “work” was mentioned, even in passing, he would yelp “Work?!” and jump with fear or even faint.

What brought this on you query?  We were standing in line waiting to talk to someone about IMSS (Mexican insurance) at the LCS (Lake Chapala Society) last week

As we are standing there and because we, well at the very least I, get bored easily we began reading the wall.  Various ancient articles are posted all over the wall outside the little office housing the IMSS experts.

One of the larger articles represented looked like it is from the 1950’s.  It’s an article from “Look” magazine with pictures.  The headline caught my eye.  It went something like “Yanks Arrive and Don’t Go Home”.  The print is pretty faded but the pictures are of the “bohemians” who had begun to inhabit the Lake Chapala area bringing with them their free spirits (a picture of a young man and woman swimming in a pond) a guy with a huge telescope and an artist sitting among her art…so to speak.

The definition I found for a bohemian lifestyle is: a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.  Hence, the Maynard G. Krebs reference.

I would venture to say two thirds of the Lake Chapala gringo population is artistic.  That leaves the remaining one third of us who either, as one artist explained to me as she watched me help carry and set up David’s art show display, you are what, in the business, is called a schlepper.  There are several definitions for the word schlepper however mine is “carry things to and fro”.  And, of course, we can enjoy all of the unbridled artistic enthusiasm, insight and, yes folks, some wonderful looneyness, as well.  In theory, everything does work.

I’ve always had this romantic vision of what a bohemian lifestyle might be like and it has long intrigued me.  We’ve been down here over a year now and we’ve met many people.  The majority of the people we meet are truly enjoying their new way of life.  Dare I say it, truly something stylishly bohemian.  Gone are the demands of life having been replaced by the dreams of life.  The Mexican lifestyle, particularly in the villages and towns outside the booming metropolises of Mexico City and Guadalajara, move at a much slower pace.

To see people pursuing the arts that were only hobbies in their stateside life is great.  Add to that the utter enjoyment of the weather, the sheer abandonment of “should of(s)”, “would of(s)”, and “could of(s)” and the grab each moment by the kite tail and fly, baby, fly is wonderfully exhilarating and freeing.  Yes, there are many free spirits here, maybe for the first time in their lives they are actually pursuing some of the craziness of youth…their youth.  You can wake up in the morning and simply decide to be indecisive.  How awesome is that?!

Embracing a new lifestyle with panache, I offer, as an example, some friends of ours.  They picked us up on their way to a day in Chapala several weeks ago.  Walking on the malecon, visiting the various shops, taking in the beauty of Lake Chapala and dining at one of the areas many Mexican restaurants.

As we parked the car they placed an angel on the dashboard…well…most of an angel.  When we asked what and why we got this wonderful and ditzy (I can say ditzy as I am a blonde and have lived with it all my life therefore can spot a ditz whenever they are in my vicinity) response.  Somehow the angel lost her heard at some point during their travels here and it rolled into the vents hugging the dashboard window.  They, now, religiously, place the angel on their dashboard whenever they park their car thinking that it sends an ominous message of the “bad ass” dominions to everyone who might look in their car.  Let heads roll where they may, this one is protecting this car.  Viva Mexico and Viva Their Free Spirit!

David has joined artists Nancy Gray and Judy Katz in their new “Gallery in Paradise”.  Located on Hidalgo 10 in Ajijic in front of the restaurant “60’s in Paradise”, it will be opening soon.  If you are in the area or planning on visiting, please be sure to stop in and see their work.

 Visit the BoomerstoMexico Photo Store at , to see more of the beauty of Ajijic Mexico in David’s photos. 

The photographs below were taken as we journeyed home after our morning at the LCS.  Enjoy.

Doorway Statue in LCS.


Guardian Angel

Bird on a Log

Lake Chapala

Restaurant on the Malecon in Ajijic

Bird overlooking Lake Chapala

3 Responses  
  • Lake Chapala writes:
    January 24th, 201110:14 amat

    “I would venture to say two thirds of the Lake Chapala gringo population is artistic”. You can say that again, but compared to San Miguel I would say more gringos are artistic. I think this is why the LCS offers some many different artistic classes such as the sculpturing classes. After all Ajijic is an artistic town.

  • Joe & Jan writes:
    January 20th, 20115:41 pmat

    Could that possibly be Gene Shallot or(something like that),in the “shall remain unknown” shot? I think he was a renown tv or movie critic of the 80’s and 90’s. That is funny stuff! We really enjoy your creative and humorus blog and appreciate David’s good eye.
    It appears to us that you guys have made it in Mexico..
    I agree with Sandy, it would have been something to have a pic of the headless angel. I probably don’t have the crazy, visionary imagination which she obviously pocesses.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Viva Mexico!

  • Sandy writes:
    January 20th, 20111:08 pmat

    OMG, this was really funny! I LOL here at work. Judy you really know how to express things with the way you write. I wish you could’ve had a pic of the angel. Oh wait, my crazy, visionary imagination probably did that justice. Loved this.

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