Of All The Yards In All The World
August 30th, 2012 by Les

So Sweet

Of all the yards in all the world, why did you have to walk into mine?  Our tiny ebony kitten still needs a home.  We are desperate.  We cannot take him with us, though we would surely like to.  The house we leased will accept 2 cats and we already have three.  This little guy turned up here unexpectedly a month ago and has stolen our hearts.  We could not ignore him.  He is playful, funny, sweet and cuddly and would truly be a great addition to anyone’s home.  Won’t you please consider adopting him or taking him and continuing the search for just the right home.  He comes with a carrier, kitty litter box and starter food.  Please email me at or call us at 33.3484.9554 if you can help.  Thank you.

You never really leave a place you love, you take part of that place with you leaving part of you behind.  Much to our surprise we are, in fact, leaving something behind, the ability to party hardy.  We had lunch with some friends today and they mentioned that our good friends Lana and Steve Coffman have instituted a monthly …remembering David and Les party….with the first get together scheduled for their place next month.  I would venture to say Lana is as far of center as I am and I love her to death for it.  Getting the two of us together makes the absurd sound reasonable and, dear reader, if you are planning on visiting Ajijic you can spend time at Steve and Lana’s wonderful Lolita’s Inn and, well, continue the fun.  We plan on staying there when we return to visit!

Also, if you are in the mood for pizza “your way” you simply have to visit the Junky Monkey found on the carretera (mountain side) just past the Waffle House…the pizza is fabulous dahling  And, of course David and I want to thank all of those who put our Adios Party together….Ron and Bobbi, Ed and Betty, Michael and Shannon, Brent and Dale and Joe and Jan…what a memory to take with us and cherish for always.  The Junky Monkey is open Sunday through Saturday…from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (closed Thursdays) and their number is 045.33.1038.4129.

Here are some additional tidbits on our journey NOB…we decided to get our car checked out for the journey.  We have found, since moving here…at least for us…the most economical and best service has been rendered by Carlos at Escalera.  They can be found on the lake side of the carretera at Av. Hidalgo No. 448-B Riberas del Pilar….just past the Seven Eleven (yes they have those here).  Two shocks and 3 tires later…all bolts tightened and service completed…we are ready to hit the road.

As we were driving to Escalera the other day and I casually asked David…do we have to take the airport way to Guadalajara?  You see I am going to drive to South Carolina and David is going to navigate.  His response made me laugh out loud, “it’s the only way out of here”.  Now, please don’t take us wrong…its not that we are anxious to get out of here…its just that I’m driving enough said….not by a long shot…you know me better than that!  Let me explain.  We had our cats vaccinated for the trip as required and bought them comfy carriers.  I also asked our vet if he could provide tranquilizers in case they become agitated.  He did.  Why do I mention this, you ask.  Okay, so you didn’t ask … no luck… I’m going to tell you anyway.

I consider myself a rather calm person who has driven in many countries however, for some reason the drive into and out of Guad sets me back a bit (read makes her crazy as a loon).  David has been with me when I’ve been “set back a bit”.  So, dear reader…the comment “it’s the only way out of here” was more for my benefit then his.  Of course, there’s always the tranq alternative for David…I’m sure the cats will share!  But…if he tranqs himself…heaven only knows where we might end up!

Below is a chart David put together of the miles and towns we shall stop in as we travel toward Newberry South Carolina.  He has already booked us in hotels that accept pets and we will be staying in the Dallas area for one night so that David can visit his daughters and I can visit my brother and his family as well as stop and visit David’s sister before we head out in the morning.  We did the same thing coming down and ran into no problems.























Ajijic-Matahuala MX





Matahuala MX -LaredoTX























Our dear friend Emmie, who is waiting for us at the end of our journey, has gone above and beyond to show us what Southern Hospitality is all about and we are and will remain eternally grateful for all of her help.  She is a special lady.

David has secured our state side car insurance and we have been told, though our license plates are not current (lets talk 3 years behind) we have 45 days in which to get the car registered in South Carolina.  If stopped, we have been told to show the officers our passports which will be dated and stamped upon crossing the border and explain our destination and plans to renew in SC.  It pays to have law enforcement in the family when confronted with these types of questions.

Jim Morrison once said: “I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moment.”

I know…no surprise…I can really, really relate to that quote…in fact I’ve used it before.  Life was so much easier when your clothes didn’t have to match and boys simply were too weird to even think about.  Now there is so much twirling around in my less then adequate head … preparation for the move …. hope that our little kitten will find a safe and loving home …. people who we are leaving….so many….so wonderful….so interesting…so…well, often…unusual….so talented…. that we will miss….beauty…of surroundings, culture, people and the list goes on and on and on…my brain…such as it is seems to be turning to mush.  Lots I’d like to say….little I can pinpoint before the thought simply drifts or propels itself out of my range of thought.  I mean folks, moving is kind of like stylized performance art, not unlike Kabuki…you just have to take a look at our house now!  I’ve got rhythm but David is finding my methods challenging…I venture to guess.  The idea is to be there (duh), to act as though you know what you are doing (well we all know that ain’t going to happen) while at the same time not yanking strands of hair out of your already thinning scalp.   By the time this is all over I’ll need to find a good wig maker!!

One more post before we hit the road….just a little warning so you might be prepared!!




Close Up




3 Responses  
  • David Palmer writes:
    September 2nd, 201210:16 amat

    I have injoyed your storys and am wondering why you are moveing back to the states?

    Just Wondering,

  • Laurel writes:
    August 31st, 20124:36 amat

    Reading your post makes me think of the story of the 2 trees, the strong oak that could not bend and the willow that could.

    What exceptional talent you both have to bend with the changes in your lives and what exceptional memories that you are taking with you.

  • Karen writes:
    August 30th, 20126:51 pmat

    Take the kitty with you. I am sure that they have Humane Societies in either Newberry or Columbia, SC. Pudding might have a better chance of a super home!

    In fact, I just went online……Send email with photo’s to Leslie Jenkins, Operations Manager (Humane Society of Newberry County SC) at

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