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July 4th, 2012 by Les

Last month….in our last blog…we listed our beautiful home in Ajijic for lease.  A wonderful couple were all set to lease it when, for health reasons, they had to step back.  The house on Hidalgo is available again with a mid-September rental date.  If you are interested…please visit last month’s blog to see the pictures and email me at  Thank you.

We can learn a lot from a box of crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty; some are dull, while others bright some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.

Charles Schulz said: “I think I’ve discovered the secret of life – you just hang around until you get used to it!”

Mexico is a conundrum of sorts.  The media would like to portray it one way we, those of us who live here see it in another and Mexicans born and raised here are immensely proud of their culture and their heritage.  David and I have been reminiscing about our lives in the tiny village of Ajijic over the past three years.

As you know dear reader, I am somewhat of a sod hemorrhaging from my oral orifice at times thoughts that have no rhyme or reason…except to me….not always…but sometimes.  Words tumble around in my head and spew out of my mouth in random order making sense to me…not to others, I’m afraid.  Being crazy isn’t easy….I persevere.

Living in Mexico has been effortless…for the most part.  The colors of every day life are vibrant…emerald greens, cherry apple reds, luscious oranges (both in fruit and color), rich purples…well, you get my drift…one wakes up to beauty most each and every day.

The weather….it has been said only one other place on this earth…Kenya…has a better climate, is without a doubt phenomenal.  I’ve not researched this but would guess the sun shines 98% of the time here.  Rains usually come at night cooling off days that range in temperature from the 70’s to 90 degrees.  Evenings bring perfect sleeping weather…by that I mean we rarely close our screen doors allowing both the refreshing night air to enter in and the sounds of the evening.  Many an evening we have been serenaded to sleep by a chorus of sounds that are hypnotic in nature emanating not from the neighborhood but from our garden full of seriously happy creatures.

The people we have met have been kind, caring, proud of their country, hard working but ready to…well have a parade at a moments notice.  Good humor abounds.  There have been difficult times over the three years we’ve been here…but not many.  Common sense prevails and most days pass quietly.

Sunday, July 1st,  the Mexican people went to the polls to vote.  Whether for the current ruling party (PAN) or the party that ran this country for over 70 years before this (PRI) and hope is apparent.

Consequently, dear reader, I find it almost (key word “almost”) impossible to verbally describe our Mexico.  A while ago our dear friend Mark and his vivacious wife Emmie suggested we collaborate on a video of our life here.  Collaborating meant Mark supplying his fabulous music inspired by literally tripping on the cobblestones and David putting music to photographs in his grand ability to capture every day life in central Mexico on this lake they call Chapala.  Emmie and I added our collective thoughts….neither of us suffering from insanity…both of us enjoying it immensely.  We will be heading to South Carolina in early September to collaborate often with these two wonderful people and dear, dear friends.

Kick back, put your feet up, give yourself some time (it was hard to put this into a shortened version) and enjoy the Mexico each of us have seen with our own eyes, heard with our own ears and fallen in love with in our hearts….

(The slides from Good Friday show images of what looks like golden statues…those status, my friends, are real people painted that color.  Amazing!)

Viva Mexico, celebrating its past, loving its present and looking to its future!

This may take a few minutes to open….please be patient.  Thank you.

(There will be more posts in July and August talking about the fabulously interesting people we’ve met here that form the expat community.  We will share our thoughts on the things we found hardest to get used to…the things we missed….the new things we’ve tried and liked, etc.  All to come in the months ahead…be prepared!  Les)

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  • LuAnn and Terry Oburn writes:
    July 9th, 201211:04 amat

    I am so bummed. I have tried and tried to download your powerpoint presentation, and I’m sure it is beautiful, but I continue to get an error message. I have not had any problems with powerpoint in the past and I’ve exhausted my limited tech knowledge of what else to do. Any suggestions?

  • Cindy & Fritz writes:
    July 9th, 20124:38 amat

    Cannot begin to explain to you how much this last post has meant to Fritz and I. As Fritz lies in the hospital receiving his radiation treatments, we looked at the pictures together and David’s wonderful pictures gave us even more encouragement to hurry up and get back home….home definately being Lakeside. The plan now is to return the end of August, so I do hope we will see you before you move to the second most wonderful place…South Carolina! los abrazos grandes, Cindy

  • Stella writes:
    July 8th, 20128:41 pmat

    These pictures are so beautiful, and really show the emotions each one evokes. David’s pictures bring out not only the pictures themselves, but also the feelings of love and pride in the actions of these warm-hearted Mexican people. I have felt those feelings for them and with them in many of these scenes, and no matter where I will end up, will always carry Mexico and it’s people in my heart and my prayers.
    Thank you for sharing your talent with us, David.
    God bless you and Les in your new life in the USA. Nick, mom Franceska and I will miss your friendship.

  • Joe & Jan writes:
    July 8th, 20128:14 amat

    Our dear friends,

    Thank you for this post, the wonderful photographs,and the music to capture what we are experiencing every day here on Lake Chapala.

    We are very lucky to have met and become friends with you two and Mark & Emmie. We are going to miss you so much AND I HOPE you keep blogging forever.

    Our lives forever changed when we moved here almost two years ago. The wonderful weather, the beautiful & friendly Mexican people, the large number of expat friends we have grown to love and the endless amount of things to get out and experience. We highly recommend the experience!

    Jan & Joe

    PS: When asked “What do you do all day?”….we answer “Any darn thing we want to do!”

  • Jerry writes:
    July 6th, 20122:55 pmat

    Great site! Love the pics! Could you please put dates on each pic and entry. “In two days. . . .” Was that posted in 2009? That seems to be when your first postings began.

  • Marion Blackmer writes:
    July 5th, 201210:46 amat

    Dear Les and David,

    I’m sorry you’re leaving! Les, your lively blog, and David, your splendid photographs have been so welcoming to me and others who are new to the Ajijic-Lake Chapala community.

    On the reports of violence in Mexico, here are some links which I think shed some needed light on the subject: (I recommend reading the comments here.)

    We were in San Francisco in May, and when we returned we talked to Mexican and long time expat friends who thought the incidents were related to the upcoming elections, and they all said that expats are not targets. As with most statistics, you have to break down the context to understand reality better. It is tragic that Mexicans are being killed, but also true that in terms of being murdered, Americans are safer here than in the US.

    Les and David, you’ve been a very positive presence in our community. I admire your work with needy cats, and love how you have treats for the street dogs as you navigate the cobbled streets.

    Les, I hope you will continue your blogging during and after your move back to the States. Your keen eyes and great sense of humor are gifts we’re glad you’ve shared.
    Thanks again for your welcome to us, starting online and then in person. John and I moved here a little over a year ago, and after a month in the San Francisco Bay Area we were happy to return to our home in Ajijic.

    Best of luck on your next adventures– do keep in touch with your many fans.

  • Katy writes:
    July 4th, 20129:47 pmat

    I will cherish all the photos from Ajijic. I miss you both loads. Keep sending advise. My love to you both, Katy

  • Karen writes:
    July 4th, 20128:59 pmat

    The powerpoint presentation was just beautiful! I played it twice in a row, so that I could let the music wash over me as I absorbed the photo’s. Truly fabulous.

  • Judith Gargyi writes:
    July 4th, 20128:09 pmat

    Your presentation with the music is wonderful! Seriously lovely. I will post to Facebook.

    Makes me want to visit even more. You home is lovely. Planning my visit for later in the year, depending on contract for work I’ll know about by mid August.

    My eyes are on Chapala lakeside for life change. It would be my return to Mexico, for the second half of my life, encore career, and to a place I truly believe is a better lifestyle.
    I am 59 years young and single. I know, how did that happen, right? Long story, just Facebook or Google my name 😉

    I’ve followed the crime issues. That looms, as a huge dark cloud over Mexico. But, fact is, life is what we make it. All places have risks. It’s a risk just to get outta bed in the morning for gosh sake! Anyway, I wish you the best on your move. Would have enjoyed meeting you both!

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