December 24th, 2009 by Les

The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C.  This wasn’t for any religious reasons.  They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin. 
Jay Leno – Humorist

I awoke this morning thinking how interesting it will be celebrating the birth of Christ here in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.

My thoughts then began to wander, as we’ve discussed before…they often do.  I haven’t spent many Christmas’s outside of Wisconsin – David has…he’s been in Europe (too many places to mention), Hawaii and, of course, Dallas.  I was in Dallas two years before we moved here to Ajijic.

I mention all of this to put things into perspective.  A Wisconsin Christmas does actually have snow, frigid temperatures, chestnut roasting on the open fire and the obligatory white Christmas…and lots of it…if they are “lucky”.  I say lucky because it turns gray or yellow pretty darn quickly after the first beautiful white, fluffy stuff.

Dallas has cold weather – occasionally – and should they have snow it sets an almost humorous series of actions in motion.  To explain, we went out to the only large store in Ajijic – Wal-Mart – today to pick up a few things mostly for dinner.  As we entered the parking lot David commented: “Gees, it looks like Albertson’s (grocery store in Dallas) when the mere mention of snow hits the airways in Dallas!”  We watched as people exited the store with carts piled high with food, water, milk, etc….much like Dallas when they think they may be “snowed in”.

Please people, before you think this is a critique of Dallas, it is not.  I found it almost loveable the way everyone left work early when a “storm” was predicted and hit the grocery store.  In Wisconsin you’d have to have blizzard conditions in addition to black ice and 50 mile an hour winds to even consider, possibly, closing early.

Okay, I’ve gone on long enough.  There’s no snow here.  I, know, no surprise there.  The village does not decorate a lot except for colorful piñatas and some Christmas lights.  We’ve seen Christmas trees but, for the most part, they’ve been in gringo homes.

You do hear Feliz Navidad everywhere with the usual wonderful bright smiles.  It is a religious holiday and most activity is centered round the church.

One of the traditions many US families have is purchasing poinsettias – the beautiful red and white plants that seem to herald the Christmas season.  Poinsettias are native to Central America and the plant flourishes in an area of Southern Mexico known as Taxco del Alarcon.  The poinsettia may have remained a regional plant for many years to come had it not been for the efforts of Joel Roberts Poinsett (1779 – 1851). The son of a French physician, Poinsett was appointed as the first United States Ambassador to Mexico (1825 – 1829) by President Madison.  He fell in love with the plant and began growing it in hot houses he had built on his property in Greenville, South Carolina.

Yes, Virginia, there is a real poinsettia plant and, by golly, it doesn’t grow in pots, with brightly colored cellophane – it grows on trees.  We, dear hearts, have a poinsettia tree in our backyard and it is beautiful as evidenced by the picture David took which you will see below.

To all of our dear family, friends and readers, we miss you and wish you the happiness and the hope that is born anew each Christmas now and evermore!

A Tree of Beauty

A Tree of Beauty















David and Les

3 Responses  
  • Bonnie writes:
    December 26th, 200912:58 pmat

    We actually had the first white Christmas since we’ve been in Texas. Had 3 inches of snow on Christmas Eve. When we left church, there was 50 mph gusting winds and the snow was blowing sideways. Children were so excited to be able to actually play in it. Kaleena put a snowball in her freezer for future use.

  • Sandy writes:
    December 26th, 200910:36 amat

    Wow! You must have 2 acres of land with all the plants, trees and what not growing in your yard. It is just a landscape of eye candy. Not to mention David’s way of capturing the beauty of it all. I’m totally jealous. To have such beauty to wake up to everyday is a real treat.

    Merry Christmas and have a phenomenal New Year of discoveries!



  • Karen writes:
    December 25th, 20091:35 amat

    Your tree of beauty looks more beautiful than any potted plant that I’ve seen.I love looking at the pictures that you guys post.Have a peaceful Christmas <3

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