Should we make another trial run to Mexico?
April 30th, 2009 by David

The question was:  ‘Should we make another few trips to Mexico looking for places to move to?’ Originally we had planned to make 2-3 trips, looking for possible final destinations. But that 1st trip to Guadalajara/Lake Chapapa cost over $1000. Could we use the $2000 2 more trips would cost a little more effectively? Say go ahead and move to Lake Chapala, then check out other places in Mexico from there? Then this ‘Swine Flu’ epidemic broke out just as we were leaving Guadalajara (with a plane full of folks wearing masks). Maybe we won’t make any more trips for a while.

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  • David writes:
    August 5th, 20093:47 pmat

    hi omar–

    we arent afraid of the swine flu either. we were in Guadalajara when in broke out in april.

    how come you didn’t reply to the email i sent you last month? i wrote you about a rental, got an email ‘i’ll get back to you’ and never heard from you again!


  • Omar Chavez writes:
    August 5th, 20092:28 pmat

    I live in Lake Chapala and the swine flu is like a mith, no one of my friends and me know of a case, even in Guadalajara we don´t know a direct contact of someone with swine flu.

    In visited Cancun in those days too, there was a campaign that if you got sick of Swine Flu in cancun they will pay you 5 years of hotel all inclusive for you and other people.


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