Sisterhood of the Minx
April 8th, 2011 by Les

(aka Minxes of Mexico) Sort of, kind of Manifesto….

“I’m agin’ and I’m ragin’!!  I’m sassy, classy, and still kicking assy!!”

“Real women don’t have hot flashes, they have POWER SURGES!”

(Quotes from Maxine)

I’ve been asked a lot lately, what are the Minxes of Mexico all about?

Well, they’re not about anything at the moment.  What they are is a promise.

The whole idea came to my mind over the course of getting to know more and more awesome women in this small Village of Ajijic Mexico.  So many talented women from so many places with so much energy, it was mind-boggling!

Was it possible there is this untapped and extremely youthful resource in our very midst simply waiting to be found?

We are not the women even a decade older then us.  We are the baby boomer generation.

While other generations can celebrate accomplishments they should remain proud of, right now we are talking about women who, with no pattern to follow evolved into a formidable force in advancing the rights of women worldwide.

What do I wear in bed?  Why Chanel #5, of course.

The 60’s were a wonderful time to be young.  I think the 60’s really didn’t end until 1976 simply because we were on a roll.  Most believed in making love, not war.  We were idealistic innocents in spite of the drugs and sex. 

Our fathers, brothers, cousins, husbands and friends – both men and women – served in Vietnam.  It shaped us, molded us, created the strong women we are, we had to be, all of our lives.

We went to college to become – whatever, or we stayed home to raise our families.  We were adept at not accepting what had been done before, but trying something new.  We were not relegated to a specific spot.  Oh no, our spot was anywhere we chose to be and we were going to send that message to everyone.

We are the women who went to work not accepting where business thought we should be, but where we knew we ought to be.  We broke the glass ceiling.  We ventured forth into areas in the business and political worlds that forced the male-driven media to acknowledge we were a power to be reckoned  with!

We did “bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never, never, never let men forget they were a man” generation.

Some of us burned our bras.  Some of us marched for jobs with peace.  Some of us worked our way through school while raising our families and working full time.  When we got home we kept going – often looking for a corner with just, well, lay down space.

We are the mini skirted vixens, the wild child who took the rock and roll of the 50’s and rolled it into the party held in the summer of 1969 called Woodstock that set the pace and simply ran with it.

The diversity, conflicts, tears, hope, anger, humor, music, dance crazes and on and  on – we are part and parcel of that world.

We are the Kennedy generation.  We are the kids who sat in school and watched as Camelot ended.  We watched a man walk on the moon and so much, much more.

And now we are the boomers.  None of us are ready to sit on a rocker and view the world from our front porch.  We are still full of vim, vigor and vitality.  We are ever ready to go where dreams are born and time is never planned.  We will think of happy things and let our hearts fly on wings forever in the life that is ahead of us – the life that is not: Never, Never Land.

We are starting a new revolution that is not fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade.  It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit the very spirit personified by the Minx.  It is not chronological age that matters it is the metaphysical that propels us ever forward.

We are foxy ladies who are ready to take on the world with our wacky and wonderful spirit and our ability to see humor all around us.  A Minx is described as many things.  I see this as a group of seductive coquettes, saucy in nature, wacky, wonderful, intelligent, full of energy with just the right attitude to, well, get the job done…whatever that job may be WOMEN.

I believe Mexico is hosting a bevy of these women.  I believe the epicenter is right here in the Lake Chapala area.  And I say Viva Mexico and Viva the Sisterhood of the Minx!

The very first get-together of the Minxes of Mexico will be taking place at 12:00 Noon on Saturday, April 23rd.  If you are interested in joining us and helping to pioneer this group, please let me know and I will email you directions.

As  you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point in the wrong direction!

Please enjoy some of the murals David has photographed in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico.

4 Responses  
  • Cindy Zeier aka La Minx writes:
    April 16th, 20115:44 pmat

    Hola fellow Minx…Minxes? what is the plural? Anyway, I absolutely cannot wait to make this final move Lakeside! The end of May cannot come soon enough! Enjoy the next meeting and I am looking forward to making many new friends in my ‘new’ life! La Minx

  • Sandy writes:
    April 10th, 201112:30 pmat

    Loved the first mural. I am the wacky, whimsical Daisy in the teal and purple (as you know I would never wear the safe white). Can I be a Minx from afar? You keep inventing new, fun ways to spend you time. I’m loving it.

    Just gotta love ya!


  • Deena Hafker writes:
    April 9th, 201112:14 pmat

    Hi, Deena here – I want to be a Minx….Thanks.

  • Arlene Cooney writes:
    April 8th, 20119:09 pmat

    Hello there – just wanted to say I always enjoy your posts but I truly enjoyed this one – so well said and so happy to see you are starting a group to celebrate boomers! My husband and I bought a home there last summer but we will only be moving there in 3 years and we can hardly wait to start our new life there especially with such interesting people such as yourself!


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