The Days Dwindle Down to a Precious Few
August 21st, 2012 by Les

Scott Adams the writer of  Dilbert: “Reality is always controlled by the people who are most insane.”

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  Albert Einstein

Seriously, I’m a realist with a dash of the absurd….what does that tell you?!

Vanish sprayed into a toilet bowl after each use will keep it fresh, clean and sparkling with little effort.  I’m throwing that out now because, if I don’t, I will forget to share that little tidbit of information with you and this blog will have no meaning.  You see folks there is some validity to Montezuma’s Revenge.  The water here is brown…quite often and our Mexican neighbors get their water, just like we do, from the water delivery people who traverse the streets of Ajijic constantly throughout the course of a day.   Consequently, water sitting anywhere for any length of time will turn things brown.  Reality.

For instance I think … again this is me folks … one must be in touch with various parts of one’s psyche.  Dreams, for instance, allow us to be insane…mischievous, diabolical, brave, fearless, courageous, and hilarious etc.  At night as you lay you’re heady down and Morpheus trundles you off the land of possibilities and, depending upon whether we are in REM sleep (rapid eye movement) or NREM (non-rapid eye movement), we may or may not remember all that goes on – it can be a wonderful journey.  Nightmares are another thing.

I had a psych teacher announce to our class in a voice I will never forget…when dealing with the insane, the best method is to pretend to be sane (lower your voice and push you chin into your chest while pursing your lips…that’s what he sounded like).  Authoritarian comes to mind.  No stretch there…most of us nodded sagely and thought…wow I really did pick the right major.  Jung, oft quoted by many a psych professional, said show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.

Where the heck am I going with this….when David and I first announced it was our intention to move to Mexico…the comment: are you insane, became almost a mantra.  I mean really, what sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?  NOT.

The country is beautiful dear reader.  I can speak from experience as I have to merely look out my windows…the Serra Madre Mountains surround our little village resting peacefully on the shores of Lake Chapala.  Blue skies that make you stop what you are doing and simply gaze upward at puffy clouds hovering just above the mountains which are blessed, this time of year, with emerald green foliage and birds of every type flying hither and yon … this way and that.  Color beyond mere thought…seen in not only the flowers but the vibrancy of the clothing worn by many when yet another parade saunters down our street.  Music … making your toes tap even if you have no rhythm what-so-ever.  The list goes on….

Is it any wonder people from all over the world find themselves enjoying this area of Mexico?  There is a very large artist’s colony here – artists of every make and model.  So much to paint, photograph, sculpt…color lending itself to expressive fabric or jeweled art.  Gentle breezes, sunshine to warm you, a culture that is vibrant and alive to inspire you and words simply fall of the page.

Anthony Newly was heard to exclaim..Stop the world, I want to get off.  Yes, get off right here and have a grand time immersing yourself in the less hectic aspects of life on this planet.

Okay, these are my feelings on life in Mexico as I prepare to leave this place.  Let’s face it, no one is going to do a variorum, like some have done on the Bible or Shakespeare’s written texts, because what I have to say…what I’ve said…carries no depth of meaning…it is simply the ramblings of an askew of center, absurd person living in Mexico and observing life around her.  The very same woman who would spend time trying to find out why her cats won’t go near the ficus.  Or, waking up one morning to find everything so weirdly quiet I find myself wondering if I’ve been left behind by the rapture.

As we leave, we take with us David’s marvelous photography.  Photographs that capture our time here and will, no doubt, feed our memories with sighs, smiles, and reminiscence of a time well spend in a land of beauty, culture, intensity, warmth and so very  much more.

Ebony Kitten Looking for a Home

And again I say….our little ebony kitten needs a home.  We are desperate to find him a place of safety, love and warmth.  He is beyond sweet.  Healthy and active.  Interacts well with our other cats.  Has an Egyptian bearing…not a single speck of white on him and, when his golden eyes shut, you simply can’t find him as he disappears.  Won’t you find it in your heart to give him a home?  Please email me at and time and I will answer all of your questions.  Please think about it.

(BTW, the book Two Americans in Mexico – the Humorous Chronicles is now in this huge and unwieldy manuscript form and, hopefully. will find its way to print/ebook some day soon…be prepared!)

Below are pictures David has taken of flowers in our yard.  Enjoy.





3 Responses  
  • LuAnn and Terry Oburn writes:
    August 24th, 20127:31 amat

    Bittersweet memories you two will take with you and David’s gorgeous photos of a step back in time in sleepy Ajijic. I feel fortunate that we had the experience as well. If we hadn’t we may have never met you and David and what a sad thought that would be. Be safe on your journey north and make some sweet memories in South Carolina. Love to you both 😀

  • Joe & Jan writes:
    August 21st, 20127:23 pmat

    In my humble opinion, this is one of your best blogs, Les. YOU ALWAYS MANAGE TO GIVE ME A LAUGH…….David this is my favorite type of photography as you are probably aware. The only other thing I have to say is “you guys are going to miss us when you are gone”. Looking forward to your continued experiences in the future.


  • Patti writes:
    August 21st, 20123:04 pmat

    Your pictures are beautiful….

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