The Difference Between Sanity and Humor is Sanity has its Limits
March 30th, 2010 by Les

 “I like nonsense.  It wakes up the brain cells.” Dr. Seuss – Theodor Suess Geisel was a U.S. writer and cartoonist more widely known for his children’s books written under his pseudonym Dr. Suess

“Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility” James Thurber, writer and cartoonist.

My motto is laugh a lot, laugh hard and laugh often.  If I were to give any advice that one would remember when considering a move to another country it would be the above.  Remembering I am a guest in a country unfamiliar to me is essential in helping me greet each day with the excitement and anticipation required to really enjoy the opportunities presented in a new and foreign land.  I’m pretty sure the people here are trying to remember that each time I appear on the scene as well.

I have a tendency to remember funny happenings I’ve encountered throughout my life, of which there are, many, out of the blue and begin laughing for no apparent reason.  Usually this is accompanied by un-lady-like snorts, my face turning red and both David and our cat, Mandy, staring at me in disbelief.  They say sanity is a trick.  All you have is rational thought. However when you are good and loony the sky is the limit!  I like the sky.  I am loony.  Good is a stretch!!  Trust me, David can attest to all of this.

That being said, Sunday dawned beautiful as usual here in Ajijic Mexico.  David and I headed down to the plaza to set up our display of the photographs he has taken since arriving here…and some during our visits.

Believe you me when I say, we were unprepared for the general buzz of activity we encountered as we drew closer to the square.  It was, after all, Palm Sunday.  The Catholic Church, as I’ve mentioned before, plays a dominate role in daily life and certainly celebrations that are church oriented are the norm.

That being said, it was interesting to see many vendors set up just outside the church gates.  Palm crosses and other remembrances created with palms were on sale.  Eggs with the insides removed, cleaned, painted and filled with confetti were available in huge selections and looked quite beautiful piled high in front of the people selling them.

After setting up David and I sat back to enjoy the general chaos and somewhat carnival atmosphere generated by the large number of people in the plaza.  Suddenly a young couple appeared at our booth.  The first words out of the young woman’s mouth were: “I know you.  I recognize the photographs.  We read your blog all of the time!”

We were charmed by her candor and delighted that they took the time to stop and chat.  They are from Chicago and decided Mexico and, in particular, Ajijic, was the place they wanted to be.  Setting all things aside at home, they headed down here and had arrived just the other day.  They are working on their papers and excited about the adventure before them.

We have run into more and more people who have read our blog down here.  Later that evening David went out to take pictures (see below) of the arrival of Christ in this small village.  Our street, as usual, seemed to be the passage way as it was strewn with greens – so many they simply covered the cobblestones and stretched all the way down to the town square.

Picture David running, trying to get ahead of the procession when someone hollers: “David!  David!”  Of course, David stopped to see who it was and the gentleman said: “I’ve been following you!”  He went on to say he had not just literally been following him (which he was) – he’d been following our blog and he was so excited to see David in the flesh!  He had recognized him from pictures on our blog.

The same thing happened the week before when a couple approached our booth saying they’d been reading our blog, were heading back to Canada soon, but would continue to read our postings as they planned to return to Ajijic in the future.  She is an artist, paint being her medium, and he a diplomatic envoy who traveled much but both truly enjoyed Ajijic.

We have messages on our blog from several others who are here and we hope to meet them in the future.  It is truly a small world filled with joy and wonder.  William James, American philosopher and psychologist said: “Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds.  A sense of humor is just common sense dancing.”  My feet are up in the air and I think that’s what I’m doing!!  Viva Mexico.

[Note: One of the many wonderful things that has happened to us since we began the process of moving to Ajijic is we’ve made many friends along the way.  Two friends, who have been, and remain, extremely helpful are Ruth Howell and Sid Grosvenor  When you have a moment, please visit their websites.  Les]

The “Sanity” theme in the post is dedicated to my friend Sheryl whose grasp on sane, like mine, is a delicate balance.

The plaza abuzz!

The plaza abuzz!

Eggs of every color.

Eggs of every color.

The streets are strwen with greens.

The streets are strwen with greens.

Preparation for His arrival.  Notice the full moon behind the church.

Preparation for His arrival. Notice the full moon behind the church.

The procession begins.

The procession begins.

Notice the intensity of their facial expressions.

Notice the intensity of their facial expressions.

The crowd follows....

The crowd follows....

Reverence and awe.

Reverence and awe.

The march continues.

The march continues.

They near the plaza.

We are told this young man portraying Jesus prepares for Holy Week a year in advance. He will carry a cross through the streets on Good Friday and be hung upon that cross as they near the hills above Ajijic.

An interesting combination of church holy days and celebration.

An interesting combination of church holy days and celebration.

8 Responses  
  • Sandy writes:
    April 3rd, 20101:40 pmat

    Wow! I didn’t realize that his photographs could stir my emotions the way they did. Tears running down my face when I looked at the procession was really unexpected. I really love the combination of the two of you. Your writing is exquisite and “frames” David’s work so well.

    Love you,


  • John writes:
    April 1st, 201011:10 pmat

    David, nice coverage of Palm Sunday procession. I especially liked the street of greens. Back-lighting Jesus is beautifully done. It’s a pleasure to view your work.

  • writes:
    March 31st, 20107:34 pmat

    HI Les and David, Great Blog, Great Photos and a Great Couple.

    Thanks for mentioning I’m sure it will add to our subscribers. For those that might think there’s a cost involved, it’s absolutely free to become a member.

    To be a member visitors just have to put their primary e mail address into the sign up box in the upper right hand corner of any of the site’s web pages and the software foes the rest automatically.

    Our sites actually compliment each other since your wonderful site about your day to day experiences as a relative newcomer and our site is from the perspective of someone who has lived here for over 7 years.

    Linking to each others sites helps both sites in the search engines so even more folks find us.

    Thanks again. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Les writes:
    March 31st, 20102:01 pmat

    Hi Linda and Betty,

    Thank you for you wonderful comments on our blog. It is absolutely amazing how we exit our door and find so much to write about here in this lovely village.

    Keep you comments coming as we do so enjoy all of them!


  • Linda Bustos writes:
    March 31st, 201010:38 amat

    What a great way to experience Holy week. I totally forgot the impact that holy week has in Mexico. The cascarones are an old tradition too. I was never a fan, but many families in the Valley enjoy breaking these shells on eachothers heads! Charlie wanted to start that with our group and I overruled! I mentioned that Casey would not appreciate all that confetti in his yard, that pretty much put an end to the tradition! Enjoy Holy week and I hope you and David experience not only the visual experience but the spiritual one too. Miss you.

  • Betty writes:
    March 31st, 20109:37 amat

    What a great blog. It is interesting to see how other people celebrate the various holidays. The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for keeping us informed on all the goings on in Mexico.

  • Les writes:
    March 30th, 20109:15 pmat

    Hi Terry,

    Thank you for your comments. David did say it was a delight to have met you last night. He really enjoyed it! Neither of us can believe you and your wife would leave Yellowstone for Ajijic.

    We’ve added you to our subscribe list and hope you continue to comment.


  • Terry Oburn writes:
    March 30th, 20107:06 pmat

    Les –

    I’m the guy that was “stalking” your husband on Palm Sunday. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he stepped out into the street in the middle of my frame. I took the picture quickly so that I would have proof, never knowing if I would see him later in the evening. Hope he did not mind my intrusion.

    My wife and I have been following your blog since nearly the beginning. As I told David, great writing style and humor. He said he would pass it on, What I failed to say was how much we enjoy his photography; please pass that on as well. My wife will be down (from Yellowstone where we live) on Saturday to join me. We hope to fall in love with this place, much as you and David have. Thanks for all the inside information

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