The Move to Mexico fast approacheth – The FM-3
September 28th, 2009 by David

It’s coming down to the wire now. Les and I have settled on the 3rd week of October as our move date. I haven’t been getting SS long enough to qualify for an FM-3, so I’ll be going down on a tourista. Les has gotten all her paperwork together to take to the consulate here in Dallas to get an FM-3, so we can move our furniture down south. We’ve held off until now because there’s a 30day limit between the time she gets the FM-3 in Dallas, and when she has to register it in Mexico. Getting it at the 1st of October means it will be good all through the month.

We thought at first that getting an FM-3 required jumping through all sorts of hoops (and we heard lots of complaints about how mexicans get to come here without any paperwork. the truth is, the ones who want to come here freely do have a lot of paperwork.) but it turned out getting the paperwork together wasn’t that hard after all. A trip to the police station to get a paper saying she wasn’t a felon (i was relived to know i hadn’t just married a serial killer), a trip to the doctor to have him run some blood work and say she was healthy, a trip to the bank to get a letter certifying she had regular SS income. It really didn’t add up to that much time.

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  • Linda B writes:
    September 28th, 20093:24 pmat

    It really is fast approching! Charlie and I are good packers, let us know if you all need anyhelp

  • Sid Grosvenor writes:
    September 28th, 200911:37 amat

    Hi David and Les, Good post. The blood test us something new to me. Not sure if you would have needed to get a blood test here to get your FM3 in Mexico, but I don;t think so.

    ALso, you could have avoided the police clearance letter step if you had done it here.

    I hope the Dallas Mexican Consulate was easy to work with. They’ve always been cooperative before except for one time.

    I’ll save this “Mexican” war story until we meet in person.

    Speaking of meeting in person I’ll be headed North about the time you guys arrive to attend to some business in Dallas, attend a writers BOOT CAMP in Florida and stock up on Vitamins hard to find here

    When you can find them here they can be very expensive (the market is just not big enough here yet to find a wide variety of vitamins and supps. at reasonable prices.

    So, if you guys take much int he way of vitamins and supps. stock up before you come down.

    I’ll be be back by mid to late November and look forward to meeting you guys then.

    In the meantime keep the good blog posts coming.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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