When In Doubt Mumble
August 7th, 2011 by Les

Woody Allen: “I can’t listen to any more Wagner, you know… I’m starting to get the urge to conquer Poland.”

Woody Allen again:  “I’m not a drinker, my body won’t tolerate it…eh…spirits, really.  I had two drinks New Years Eve and I tried to hi-jack an elevator and fly it to Cuba.”

She swiveled to the left, as she couldn’t swivel to the right.  Come to think of it, she mused, she hadn’t been able to swivel to the right for months now.  Not that it mattered.  Either direction would take her to the same view.  That hadn’t changed for years.

The lake, a larger then life frozen ice cube was the same year after year in January.  There seemed to be a pattern here.  Sameness permeated her life.

She had always sworn she would not get stuck in the rut her mother had been in.  Her mother didn’t mind the rut.  She had a concise world.  A different duty for every day of the week once completed she felt she had accomplished much and could spice up her life with baking, her knitting or whatever crossed her mind.  She was happy.

Gwyneth was not happy.  She was unhappy.  She just was where she hadn’t planned to be at this point in her life.

What was amazing, even startling, was where she was at this point in her life.  It wouldn’t be startling for anyone else as it seemed predestined.  It was just odd.

All of her life she had been “hell bent” on accomplishing her goals for whatever period of time she had been in.  Predicated by what was going on during that time period – national, internationally, locally or, if it mattered, simply on her block, etc, she’d moved forward.

Planning things carefully had not been her forte either.  Heck, how does one plan things in a town that had always remained a second class citizen to Chi-town all of its life.  A suburb, if you will.  It always amused her people thought her town was a hamlet just outside of Chi-town.  Ninety miles was nothing to sneeze at.  Try making ninety miles in a sleet storm with black ice everywhere and the possibility of a serious accident looming constant.

She began to spin in her chair.  Well, this wasn’t good.  What if someone actually decided to make use of her services?  They opened her “Sam Spade” like door and there she was spinning like a top.  That sure wouldn’t instill confidence.

The door burst open and Emmie blew in.  Emmie never merely walked into a room.  That would be too mundane.  Emmie had various entrances in her repertoire some of which were (but not limited to) the flounce, the dash, the glide, the bust (as she had done moments earlier), the dart.  Well, you get my drift Emmie was a force to be reckoned with.

Emmie and Gwyneth had been friends for more years then either wanted to count.  On the one hand Gwyn was happy to see her and on the other hand it wasn’t a paying client.

Today would change both of their lives forever.

Emmie was a drama queen and proud of it.  She practiced her art as often as she could on whomever she could and wherever she could.  Method acting had been learned a long time ago – now she treated each day as if it was a script which was constantly being changed by the quirky writers to whom she owed her lines.

“These new chairs are fabulous darling!”  Her latest Carol Channing interpretation in place.  My butt feels like it sitting on its own princess pillow….but more so.  Emmie’s butt consisted of bones with a little skin for cushioning. 

Enough of this train of thought writing….

When you move you leave behind family and friends.  I have an existential map; it has ‘you are here’ written all over it.  For that is where I want my family and friends to be…here.  Of course having friends all over the globe makes it difficult for all to be in one place.

What brought me to this illogical train of thought….duh, you know me there is no rhyme or reason for where I go…literally (as you can tell by the opening or the other absurdities I write).  However and since we’re not independently wealthy carrying all of our family and friends with us on whatever adventure David and I take is not an option.  Some of them actually love where they are.

Consequently, when two of our dear friends who were actually living in our small village decided to head out on yet another adventure – traveling America – well, I can’t speak for David but my heart skipped a beat.

Email helps us keep in touch with family and friends much more then we would have been able to in the past and for that we are eternally grateful.  Two of my friends write often and it helps my heart deal with the fact they aren’t here.  They are a husband and wife team and one of them, a musician, writes some of the most insane, absurd and humorous (does that remind you of anyone else?) musings. I love to open his emails simply because they make me laugh out loud and realize yet again, there are people like me out there!

I know this has been a long and rambling essay.  Getting to the point has never been easy for me.  Point:  We left behind dear family and friends when we moved here.  We’ve made dear friends since we’ve moved here.  We have had to say goodbye to dear friends in the past and, most recently, we again had to say goodbye to dear friends as they started yet another adventure.  We wished them safe journeys.  Our hearts were a mixture of happy and sad.  That is what life is all about…change and adaptation.  I can change…adapting has always been a challenge.

No matter where we are, be it the little town of Ajijic in Jalisco, Mexico on the biggest lake in the country, in our hometowns in America or traveling heaven knows where our precious family and friends are with us for they are truly the fabric of our lives.  They cover us and keep us warm from within, their love emanates from our hearts and travels through our bodies each and every day and we shall never, ever forget them.  They are part of us and, quite honestly, my family and friends need to take responsibility for how I have turned out thus far….crazy but sincere!!  David asked me if I had slept well the other night.  My response seemed to make sense to me…pretty much so except I made a couple of mistakes!  Crazy?  I rest my case.

Viva Mexico!  Viva Family and Friends!

Here are some of David’s fabulous photographs of Sunday on the malecon…the only sense in my nonsensical world!  Thank goodness for all of us!!

On the road to home...

Safe journeys and wonderful adventures Terry and Lu! Until we meet again.

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